Ho-Hum Victory.. Chance to be #1 come Monday.

  • What a tale of 2 half’s last night.

    1st half-

    Not aggressive against the zone. Missed shots galore, the tall one’s made shots to make it muddy. The pace of the 1st half was lethargic. The crowd was even worse, zero energy from them until the 2nd half. Graham made some 3’s to keep it close. Self clearly mad at Diallo for defense.

    Bill Self firing squad at halftime.

    2nd half-

    By the 1st media time-out it was clear that Self had lit them up during the break. Perry, Wayne and co made it 16 pt lead by the 15 minute mark. Better execution against the zone. Some unexpected dunks from Lucas (he must have had his wheaties). Bragg & Diallo sitting with the red warm-ups on. Sending a message to them. Post game comments said as much, step up boys!!

    All in All a 25 point win is great, but it wasn’t nearly this teams best which is scary. Start conference play again with Baylor, they will test us with another zone. A chance for #1 vs #2 in Allen on Monday (that is dependent on Saturday’s results).

    We now have a giant target on our back…

    We take care of business at home those road games against Texas Tech and West Virginia will put us on upset alert. Coach says the ranking is no big deal. Good for him, it motivates underdogs to achieve greater. This team will have to elevate its play over 2 half’s and not just 1.

  • ya, true about target on our back- - - -BUT we always have a target on our back, because our uniforms have the word Kansas written across the front of them, We are targets because we have won league title yr after yr after yr, you KNOW you are a target when another university adds incentive clauses in their coaches contract if they can beat KU, you know you have that target when you go to an opposing teams arena and that team has been averaging half or less then half capacity all year long BUT yet when we come to play that arena is packed standing room only a lot of times, so this team needs to realize nothing has changed we STILL have that big bulls eye on our chest. we are the hunted by these teams just like every other year, the boys just need to strap it up and play like they have played and we are going to be ok. Agree 100 % I truly believe in his post game that Coach was letting it be known without coming right out and mentioning names that HEY it’s now or never we are not going to keep subbing people in for no matter how long, we are not going to sub in just to say we tried to get everyone playing time, so either you step it up and that means a lot IN PRACTICE you got to bring it to practice as that’s where Coach REALLY sees how someone is progressing a lot of the time, you just can’t go through motions or so so in practice and expect 15-20 minutes of game time. Good to see no one is or has been ragging on Landon- - - -so far anyways today I figured we needed him last night because of his bulk, but how does really stand out against a guy that size? jumpin- -gee- - hossa- - fats that guys size was riducilious. I mean I have no problem with Cheick fouling when he was guarding him he had no chance height, weight what else could he do? really like how guards dropped down and help and stole the ball several times when he was posting up . We looked a lot better 2nd half. You can’t blame coach for the 1st half as it was so obvious, Perry 1st half 1 shot 1- - -seriously? Wayne 1st half?, that’s on them- -not the Coach as you could see after half and they came out with half of Coachs foot still buried up their keester, you saw what happened, but anyways as always ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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