Royal Christmas Day marathon

  • Fox Sports Kansas City plans marathon of Royals games on Christmas Day

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  • @curmudgeonjhwk Hope & yours enjoyed a Merry & Royal Christmas this year bud, now we need a Jayhawk National Championship in 2016 !!

    Both sons/wife came out for dinner & gift exchange & we conveniently have all series games on dvr so didn’t have to wait for FSN 1 re-broadcasts. Also have a “MLB Network Presents” documentary comparing the 85 series Champs & 2015 Champs seasons narrated by Bob Costas. After a Royal dessert we walked back in the pasture & nailed some ground hog targets with the pea shooters till we got too cold- probably 75-100 rounds. So then we decided to ice the “cake” with a few 1/4 pound charges of Tannerite, but oldest son walked back up to the house to get a 30.06 for the detonator. Shotgun or .380 or 40 cal pistols don’t generate enough velocity to ignite the charge. Doubt if we woke anyone up at 2:00 on Christmas Day afternoon, but ill bet we rattled a few dishes & windows. Was so cool we may do it again New Years Day. ROCK CHALK ROYALS !

  • @globaljaybird

    Sounds l;ike your Christmas was a blast… 🙂

  • @globaljaybird Gonna try some of those Tannerite things some day. We don’t allow them at our range so gonna have to find somebody with a good chunk of land. Maybe yur place. 💥😄 💥 Guess my M1 I just picked up about a week ago would do it. Have always loved and wanted one of them and couldn’t pass up the opportunity when one of our RSO’s had one for sale.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Have a Merry Christmas young lady?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Yes my friend it was! Hard to believe the ATF doesn’t have more strict regulations on the stuff but if used responsibly it can be a very valuable tool in building demolitions or implosions, not to mention all the fun you can have with it. Anything much more than about 1/4 lb & you need to be at least 150 yards away … & I would highly recommend hearing protection as well. Younger son nailed a charge at that distance on the 2nd time he had ever fired that 30.06 He is in Reliability/QA for Bushmell so I really wasn’t surprised. Not a creature was stirring after one of those babies blew up…Yeeeeeeehaw !

  • @brooksmd hope you had a good one! We got back tonight in time to see royals win the series, again. What a game. Suppose to get heavy snow sun, ending tues. Yuck!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yep we had a good one. Lots of family and friends, good food, drones flying all over the house and some rip-roaring games of dominos. My wife’s mother showed everyone she can still kick butt in dominos.

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