Possible Reasons Why KU Is Playing Toledo?

    1. Ted Kowalczk and Buzz Williams were on Tom Crean’s staff at Marquette. Buzz was Billy Gillispie’s top assistant at Texas A&M. Okie Baller Mafia connection.

    2. Ted is a pal of Buzz. Buzz is a pal of Tom Crean. Tom Crean is a pal of Tom Izzo. Playing Ted is making nice with the Izzo mafia.

    3. Toledo AD Mike O’Brien was Associate AD at KSU from 1997-2001. And Sheahon was KSU’s Assistant AD from 2001-2004. That is a small bit of calendar overlap. Wildcat Mafia connection.

    4. Snacks wants to brand manage in Ohio.

    1. Klinger in M.A.S.H. was from Toledo and cross dressing would infuriate the Izzo mafia and confuse the Mildcat mafia.

  • The all-knowing Coach Self knew that Toledo had a weak schedule and would be unbeaten coming to AFH, where they would get a lesson about the magic of the Cathedral of basketball.

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