DeAndre Ayton

  • Just read article on DeAndre this morning, which already knew we were in on, pretty interesting. In case anyone doesn’t know he is the # 1 player in the class of 2017 - - - 7 ft 235 lbs , the article states the 3 schools he is interested in which are DUKE- - -KENTUCKY- - -KU , the blue bloods of course, stated how he played at a level significantly above anyone else at Tarkanian classic. Said he showed his stroke looked really great to beyond the 3pt line, and played physical above the rim. He has no planned visits at present & not thinking much on recruitment at the moment, but does know for sure, the 3 schools he is looking at have reputation for developing successful big men. At present KU is favorite to land Ayton at 88%- - to 12%. maybe, maybe not & I know people say ah you can’t go off that, But to which I say ah when you have that overwhelming margin then that’s when I say ummm yes you can, NOW this brings up the exact point I have discussed on here before. With us showing this huge of lead, then as the main recuiter- - recruiters of this kid NOW is the time to really step on the throat and stay on this kid and close this out, I mean ya I know we can’t really close yeet but it is a must where we STAY ON THIS KID and don’t get slack, we have to stay on these type of kids, we can’t continue to let them slip through the cracks. Show them everything they want to know and see about our team, let them see how interested we are in them also. In order for this to show this big of lead this has to mean he has let it be known somewhere along the line that he, is very very interested in KU. Soo ya hear me, stay on DeAndre time to finish. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I put little faith in predictions… especially this early. It reminds me of preseason predictions on a National Championship. The recruiting process has been going on for DeAndre most of his life… but it will kick into high gear here shortly.

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