Back Surgeries

  • First Tony Romo 😞

    Now this:

    ESPNDanaOneil Dana O’Neil Big blow to Michigan losing Mitch McGary. Hopefully the big fella recovers fully. 3 minutes ago

    ESPNAndyKatz Andy Katz Michigan announces sophomore F Mitch McGary elects to have lower back surgery, out indefinitely. 6 minutes ago

    ESPNDanaOneil Dana O’Neil RT @NicoleAuerbach: Mitch McGary will be out indefinitely after electing to have a surgery performed on his lower back, Michigan announces. 8 minutes ago

    EDIT: Here’s a link to another thread on the topic:

  • @RockChalkinTexas–UM without Mitch is like a jock without a nut to punch. 🙂

    Seriously, this is very sad for McGary. He is not just a load. He can play.

    Now, Bellein gets a test of how good he really is? Can he smoke and mirror the loss of McGary the way Self did Peters? Its actually a very good comparison. Both players reputedly had similar games and were similar in height and weight. Self won 30+ without Peters by using KY, Jamari, and Perry patched together. What can Bellein patch together?

  • PS: Bellein is going to miss Trey Burke a WHOLE LOT MORE than McGary.

  • @jaybate 1.0 Yeah, he’ll have his work cut out for him, but I think Beilein has already proven he’s a great coach. He’s been a winner every step of the way, and there have been many steps:

    The way he steadily improved West Virginia and Michigan in his time at each school seemed pretty impressive to me. His historical weakness (just from observation) is that he always builds teams heavily reliant on the 3-ball, which they hit with remarkable consistency including his bigs, but this is a formula that we all know is hard to win the tournament with. Which is what made Mitch McGary so important to his team last year, being a true athletic versatile post scorer.

    I still think his team will be successful, but my guess (unless they have some other low post guy who I’m not thinking about) is that this all but kills their dreams of a title for the year.

  • @approxinfinity–Its nice to hear you pay Bellein the respect you do. He did something at WVU that Huggins has not been able to do. But it is very, very tough to mask what Self masked the last two seasons. If Bellein can get to the 16 without McGary, as Self did without Peters, then he breathes the same rarified air that Self does. Its going to be fascinating to see how he approaches the rest of the season.

  • @approxinfinity

    I stared a thread on this subject yesterday and the thread disappeared.

    I can still see my post under my login but the thread is nowhere to be found; any thoughts?

  • …and as I posted yesterday, this is one of the reasons why Embiid is as good as gone. The insurance available to top players by the NCAA does not begin to cover the potential loss of money due to a career ending injury or even one that delays progress for one year or two.

  • You might need to switch your filter from daily to weekly? I saw a thread about it regarding Embiid. I agree there is no way Embiid comes back barring something seriously going wrong.

  • @approxinfinity


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