Svi vs BG

  • While the season is still young and BG has only played in 3 games I thought it will be interesting to compare Svi & BG stats, below figures are taken from KU web site:

    Svi vs BG.png

    It is understood that numbers do not tell the whole story, data is still a good indicator of performance. What strikes most is that BG is producing significantly more than Svi, Pts/game, FG%, 3PT %, FT% are all better even with lower minutes/game.

    I was expecting better figures from Svi. Coming into the season there was tremendous excitement and heightened expectation but for some reason Svi seems to be regressing since the Chaminade game. I am not sure if there is any injury at play here and I really hope that he gets back to form very quickly.

    What a delight it would be to see both players firing away from downtown.

    BG’s defense is his shortcoming but looking at his production I can’t imagine Self not increasing his PT. Furthermore, opposing teams will want to plan on slowing BG down that should open opportunities for other players. His main weapon has been the three and he has been labelled as one dimensional player but I thought his D was better against Holy Cross and he had couple of decent drives to the hoops as well, he still has upside here in my opinion.

    Going forward it will be interesting to see how does PT looks like & how Self utilize Svi & BG.

    It will be good to hear comments from other fans on this topic.

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  • @AsadZ Svi’s year is next year, imo. If he stays…

  • @KUSTEVE KUSteve, If Svi does not show improvement do you think he will be drafted high enough to warrant leaving after this year?

  • I actually view them as different players. Svi is a guard, with foot speed to match.

    Greene is a wing. Yes, he shoots, but he also bodies up pretty well against interior players. He’s rebound stats may not reflect it, but he’s pretty good at getting rebounds.

    I see Greene as the player you put in when Wayne is having one of his inevitable off nights. Assuming, he’s not being an asshole teammate, he should get at least 20 minutes a game.

    Svi will be needed to spare Graham defensively, and if Svi can’t get it done then it’s Vick’s turn. Greene shouldn’t be expected to guard players that either of those guard, at least not without help.


    “Svi’s year is next year, imo. If he stays…”

    I haven’t heard that he will leave to play foreign ball. I was under the opinion that his focus is the NBA, and coming to Kansas was part of his pathway to succeed in the league.

    I just don’t see him leaving after this year. The media will (most likely) be giving their attention to Cheick, and maybe Wayne… maybe even Perry.

    Svi needs to stay in school all 4 years. Grow up his body and his game. He has made quite a jump in his body over the past year, and now must learn to play in his new body. He should continue to build his body in the off-season and use the season to adjust to his changed body. At the level his body is changing… it really does require him to adapt to his changed body.

    Plus… he still needs lots of time just to adapt to American ball… D1 ball… He needs to “master” that first before considering the NBA.

    Hard to guess accurately how he will turn out, but my money is on Svi making it to the next level and also being a real contributor in the NBA. The game needs to slow down for him, especially on his perimeter shot. Scant defense is all it takes to distract him enough to brick the shot.

    Really, considering Svi, BG and Wayne… even though BG is red hot from the perimeter, I’ve been most excited about Wayne’s perimeter shot. He came to Kansas with a very unorthodox shot behind his head, and has cleaned up his form and is now getting the benefit from his hard work. He must have really worked his arse off to become that effective with his changed shot over such a short period. To produce like he is producing (at this level of ball) takes the kind of muscle/mind memory changes that can only happen from mega repetition. Wayne elevates well on his shot, has a fairly quick release without a hitch, and has the strength of an ox (giving him the ability to shoot from very long distances without “pushing” the ball).

    My hope is that Wayne comes to realize that NO ONE can stop him on his trey! He doesn’t need a great deal of space to have adequate scoring space. From what we are seeing so far this year, he will quickly catch the eye of NBA scouts. He still needs to clean up a few areas of his game, but if we do well in March, good chance he is gone. If we have an early exit and he doesn’t have a sparkling year, good chance he returns for his senior campaign.


    “Greene is a wing”

    Last year… no way Greene could be considered a 3.

    This year… he is definitely taking on more of the role of a 3, even if he plays some minutes at the 2. He seems to be more athletic this year. Maybe part of this relates to his healing up. Or maybe he has also increased his strength quite a bit by working with Master Hudy. He started to intensify his play (both offense and defense) towards the end of last year, and seems to be carrying that over to this year with even more intensity. I’ve been impressed with him starting to listen to coaches and lowering his center of gravity by bend his knees more and widening his stance. I know that sounds like an easy thing to accomplish, but it really isn’t. A big part of it relates to genetics… how the body is proportioned and mechanically working. It is a major task to adjust something like stance and have it stick as “natural.” I am very impressed with Brannen’s obvious commitment to improve his game. He requires being pushed, but the only thing that matters is he improves his game. Bravo, Brannen! Just so he doesn’t let stuff get to his head and he keeps his nose to the grindstone and keeps a humble focus.

  • @drgnslayr Sorry to say but Perry will not be an NBA player, to small to play inside in the NBA, not enough foot speed for the outside in the NBA , Perry is a tweener , if he did anything here it would be in the D league, if he entertains any though of professional it would be overseas. If Wayne continues to play like he has so far, chances are very good that he enters the draft, NBA body seems to have improved, & SVI they are still projecting him pretty high so don’t hold your breath about him coming back, for sure he will not be a 4 year player we will be lucky to get him back for a 3rd, remember once again the NBA drafts a lot on potential, that’s not me saying that - - -that’s NBA personal sayin that ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • This guy Delta needs more playing time!

  • I’m amazed how tall all these guys are, I always figured Green was 6’4", 6’5" max. 6’7" is probably taller than any of us if we’re all just average guys!

  • @wissoxfan83

    If I take off my shoes, BG is considerably taller than me.

    If I leave my shoes on and count my “KU inches” I’m up there with all of them.



    I agree that Perry is a tweener in the league. Doesn’t mean he won’t try to make it anyways.

    He is a hard working, focused individual with high intelligence. For those reasons, I will never count him out wherever he puts his ambition. If he simply has to have it (NBA career) then I see him playing D-league and working every breathing moment with trainers and get the best advice on what he has to improve. Many guys bring lots of natural ability to this game. I don’t think Perry has lots of that. He has worked his butt off since junior high and it has brought him to starting at a blue blood program. Hard to say where he can go from here, but I will never count out Perry Ellis on anything.

    He is a tweener in the league, not because of his size… it’s about playing soft. Charles Barkley was 3 inches shorter than Perry, but was no tweener at the 4. He won rebounding crowns in the league. Perry can make huge gains by getting with the right personal coaches. It will take very little time to teach him how to get his shot off on taller guys in the paint. Once he learns that, he’ll put his perfectionism to it and practice drill it into his DNA.

    Look how quickly he became a threat from 3. That mostly happened over his summer last year. I think he has made gigantic leaps in his development while at Kansas and he definitely has plenty of upside left in his game. Not to be more athletic, but to just play smarter ball. He is a smart young man, so teaching him new techniques shouldn’t be an issue. I can’t believe he isn’t being coached on scoring space while at Kansas. He should have mastered this long, long ago. For example, Frank doesn’t have a problem bringing his shot into the post and scoring on footers. He is 9-inches shorter, and when you add in his loss on reach to Perry, we are talking about something like 14-inches of extra length Perry has on his shot release.

  • Svi is effectively a second year freshman chronologically. If he can get his shooting resolved there is a ton. Of PO There.

    But Greene is the real deal as a gunner.

  • I am in agreement with comments that Svi has tremendous potential & it has not translated into success due to his age and learning to play with his new weight/body.

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