The Glass Half Full on Cheick Diallo

  • Yes, Cheick Diallo is so raw even Sushi lovers would like him a little more cooked.

    But here is the glass half full on Cheick Diallo.

    Cheick has a gallon of athleticism in a quart container.

    Let me explain.

    Joel Embiid was a gallon container with a gallon of athleticism.

    Joel is a quart container. but he has the same gallon of athleticism.

    And its spilling out all over the place as he plays, even though he doesn’t know diddledy squat about basketball yet.

    Cheick Diallo makes Joel Embiid seem like he grew up in the Rucker Leagues.

    Cheick is running around on the floor just bouncing around doing amazing things completely out of control and without rhyme or reason.

    If this guy were ever to actually learn the game, he could be one of the great tweeners the game has seen for awhile.

    This guy make Julian seem like he was nailed to the floor, and Julian could do some amazing things.

    Everyone needs to totally stop caring when and how much Cheick plays.

    All that matters is that he spends as much time as possible learning to do the most rudimentary things the right way.

    Cheick is a poster boy for take it slow if ever there were one.

    Put Cheick in the Crock Pot and slow cook him and you are going to have basketball burguignon that all will kill for even in France.

    Cheick is one of those guys I like to call a gravity defier. He’s not so explosive as he is just plain weightless at times. He can pretty much go off in any direction at any moment.

    For god’s sake let this guy develop without the blue meanies kicking him in the ACLs until they rip.

    Cheick is one of those guys that can play horrible and still some how get points and rebounds.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    excellent post by the way.

    Cheick is one of those guys that can play horrible and still some how get points and rebounds.

    that sums it up, he didn’t play well and he had some obvious head scratching moments like not catching the ball. Just a tantalizing talent.

  • Just imagine how far along he would be if he hadn’t missed the first five games for no apparent reason.

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