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  • Guys, here after the game multiple thoughts from the game. # 1 , for all that was wanting to see our other big’s get PT now we have. Perfect opportunity for this to happen, Traylor nicked up, Lucas and his toe, and the result?- - - Eh. but that’s not really meant as a huge negative, I mean they for sure didn’t overwhelm me , BUT once again and I’ve said this time and time again, we DON’T have to have a huge scoring output from these guys & I don’t think WE WILL ever get that, BUT if we can get 8-9- 10 out of a combo then we should be good. We have enough guys that can score the ball, it doesn’t have to be huge. Even though Hunter was less then impressive had some blocks and just a presence works, Bragg will be fine , Cheick if we can get his body to slow down to the brain, he is going to be really good in time. Right now like was mentioned during the game throw to him and it’s like a black hole, it isn’t coming out, but that will come in time. # 2 really glad for Greene, surprised? Really surprised that he was back, as long as he can keep his head on straight, huge plus, the kid for sure can shoot the ball, he for sure does not lack confidence, sweet shot, This team has the components to be really good, so many weapons. & # 3. I really like Coach Self, I’ve been one of them to back him more then a lot, I think really dam good Coach even though some others think not so much, was really happy to see him give some guys some time, we are really deep, there are times maybe I back him more then I should BUT I tell ya Coach kills me, No matter how we play lol, he will say that we played well or whatever, but then he will ALWAYS find something to complain about lmao, no matter what it is, he is the total perfectionist- - -always always will find something negative, if you have never listen to a post game with him, check it out. # 4. Really glad to see us stroke the ball from the line 12-12 what a differ3ence huh? thing is up until the last couple of games we had been shooting our free throws pretty well, Me myself thought was solid game Now on to the next. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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    Hunter was less than impressive ??? Hunter played better defense than both Lucas and Traylor combined.

    And the last time I looked at the stat sheets Lucas and Traylor weren’t exactly lighting it up on the PPG.

  • @jayballer54 good commentary.

    Hunter took 1 shot. Haven’t seen first half yet, but was apparently and it shows in stat sheet with items in all categories you want (minus pts). He did have 3 PF’s and one was stupid.

    I’d like to see us run the same personnel in about the same min distributions against a better team and see what the results are.

  • I’d like to see Diallo have more of a passing game. His only pass is the outlet pass after a defensive rebound.

    He gets plenty of attention on the block that he needs to stop being a black hole and pass it to the open man in the corner.

    Bragg has one pass on the offensive side and that’s from the high post to low post. He makes it quick but HC picked one off easily and tipped another in a short span in the first half.

    They aren’t the only big ones with this issue as I have brought it up before about our bigs, including Ellis of never passing out of the paint or interior passing.

  • I thought we looked elite for most of the game, except for the start of the 2nd half. Our defense needs to improve, and it will. Give the free throw coach a gold star 12 for 12…nice…

  • @KUSTEVE We did look good. But, we should have…we were bigger (on the wings) and more athletic than they were. If we can’t score inside as much, it will be interesting to see how we do in a relative shootout with the likes of OU, ISU, WVU (when they’re hot).

  • Very enjoyable game to be at. Had a fun night. Important stat-Diallo and Bragg combine for 7 offensive rebounds. Bragg has 3 in his first two possessions after entering the game. Also Greene was a beast. It was raining 3’s in the first half in AFH. Keep digging. Keep growing Jayhalks. We’re not dangerous just yet. But give us 32 more games to work on it

  • @DoubleDD easy Zeek don’t get your britches all twisted up in a knot, I like Hunter, actually I think at least for now the rotation should be Mickelson, then either Diallo/Bragg or Bragg/Diallo but he didn’t really do a lot either way that stood out for the amount of time played should of been better rebounding, blocks was good, presence was good rebounding?- - -not so much, making bad play getting beat trying to make a steal and then compound it by making silly foul on 3 pt shot ummmm not so much, but 1 more time if you really read comment we DO NOT have to have a huge contribution from the 5 spot, we have the scorers we need rebounding, rim protection, and that presence which Hunter gives us. I think when it’s all said and done Cheick will become that starter at the 5, I can easily see Coach moving Bragg out and rotating him and Perry more together,Carlton can take the ball out on the floor away from the basket shoot the 3 if needed bring the big men out, that leaves Hunter and Cheick as the primary 5 with Jamari and then Landon for spot duty we are going to be fine. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JRyman said:

    I have brought it up before about our bigs, including Ellis of never passing out of the paint or interior passing.

    Didn’t you just love the Morris twins passing to each other? Beautiful!

  • @ParisHawk yes. But they had an unfair advantage. Wonder twin powers

  • I think Diallo isn’t passing because he has been told not too. I can’t remember exact quotes but I think it was along the lines of “coach says not to dribble to just turn and shoot”? I thought it was an odd comment when I heard it but he appears to be following orders. I don’t think he is a selfish player.

    Self has stated this team is missing a back to the basket scorer and so when CD is in the game, especially with a big lead, his role is to rebound, alter, and develop his low post scoring game.

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    I kind of like the boys trying to jump the passing lanes. Sure they will get burnt here and there, but how many will they get?

  • @DoubleDD I don’t mind it either just as long as the other 4 guys rotate and play help D.

    If one guy doesn’t help out or rotate over you are giving up a dunk or layup.

    But the payoff can be rewarded with our own layups and dunks. Plus it takes time off the shortened shot clock. Towards the end of the season that won’t be as big of a factor but for now it is.

  • My prediction for the season (Based on just my own musings) is that self widdles down his bigs to four by the end of the season and two of the 6 get turned into spot minute players with a minimal role, especially in close games. Self will keep playing all the bigs against nonconference chumps but not when it comes to the big games. Which two of the six though? Perry, Cheick, and Bragg will get minutes this year, he’s not keeping those boys out even though the freshman have to develop. Some combo of Lucas, Jamari and Mickelson will be seeing a lot more bench time. Self has a soft spot for Jam but I’m guessing Jam and Mickelson lose out this season, and it’s really unfortunate that upperclass bigs with a lot of heart will have to lose out. Just my $0.02, as we all know Self likes an 8-9 man rotation, althought I doubt we see less than a 10 man rotation in any game this year. RCJH.

    PS- good thing Self is the one getting paid to make the tough decisions and not me. Although, if you gave me a coupla million, I wouldn’t mind making those tough decisions either 🙂

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