Dubya court side for SMU game

  • Dubya was studying the game program hard.


    Janks is looking like serious HC material after some grooming by LB.

    Man do I wish we had nic Moore back with KU!

  • SMU LOOKS LONG AND BOUNCY, but UM has better shooters.

  • SMU running textbook high low

  • Nic Moore is a true PG. Frank and Devonte need to watch more tape of him.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I dunno about the Nic Moore spec–from the games I watched this summer (just a couple) it didn’t really look like he belonged on the same floor as Kansas players. I got the impression that Bill was really doing Larry a favor.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Tony Romo was too!

  • @KUinLA

    Nic is a very special player and PG. He proves size is never the determining factor in a PG. He is a guy that knows how to operate offenses and defenses, not just play point guard, or 2 guard. It’s the difference between a chef and a cook, or an engine tuner and a garage mechanic, or a maestro and conductor. Nic is a chef, a tuner, a maestro. Frank learned some from Nic. You have to play with one of these guys to even know what they can do is possible. Larry Brown was this kind of PG once. They are geniuses at making teams run well. Everything Devonte lacks right now he might have learned from Nic. You can’t learn it watching them. You have to play with them. This genius is what makes Larry such a great coach. It’s how Larry finds so many genius PGs and coaches that operate teams beautifully. It takes one to know one, or at least it helps. Larry doesn’t look for just talent. He looks for genius. They are different things. Most coaches are nearly blinded to playing genius by physical talent and frankly surprised by genius. Talent is mostly all they look for. In contrast, Larry is walking around looking for the physical and skill pieces of a team, but he is also recognizing genius. It’s how he hired Self, and found Pritch, and all those guys no one wanted in San Antonio’s front office, and every where else he has gone. Even Cal has some of this genius. Larry picks guys for assistants that he thinks get it. Of course, genius isn’t enough. Many geniuses lack other skills. Many aren’t driven enough, or confident enough, or don’t have quite enough physical ability. Nic would be starting on the KU team, if he were on it. He has point guard genius written all over him. Nic was what enabled the KU team to run so well in the WUGs. People that thought Devonte was going to make KU better than Nic didn’t get the genius thing, what Nic was doing. Those folks can read a line score, but they can’t see how a guy like Nic is constantly moving to enable circuits of ball movement that wouldn’t happen at all with an ordinary player. . Larry did Bill and KU a HUGE favor.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Larry is charismatic and a genius at basketball. People find that combination attractive and love to come and partake in activities such persons are engaged in. For Larry, there really is no off-Broadway. Broadway comes to him. And he is probably as mystified by it as anyone. He is just being LB.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I am big fan of Nic Moore; he is not only a gifted player but a great leader as well.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I am hopeful for Nic that Larry will see some coaching genius in Nic. I have a hunch there is some there, but my hunches are too sentimental to be relied on in this sort of thing. I am not good enough to see it in young guys before the pros like Larry recognize it. Not all good point guards have the head coaching gene, but some sure do. Damn, it would be good for the game if Larry found one or two more coaching greats before his time is done. I know Janks is better for having assisted Larry after just watching Janks run the SMU team in Larry’s absence. I thought Janks looked pretty ready after assisting Bill. But there is something that rubs off from Larry that Janks really needed. I know Larry’s willingness to obey the rules closely has lead to his image being tarnished, and his character being questioned, but I just cannot emphasize too much how much good Larry has done for the game, not only by his own excellence, but by finding the great talents he has found and giving them their shots. The game desperately needs a steady flow of great coaches and there are only a few coaches at any given time with the insight and generosity of spirit to take the chances on the unknowns, and marginals, with the right stuff and elevate them sufficiently to get them into the game. Larry is a wily devil. There is always method AND opportunism to his madness. He learned the game from Frank McGuire, Dean Smith and John McClendon. McGuire and Smith were about as cunning and opportunistic of operators as ever walked a sideline, or fought a bureaucratic battle in a university, and McClendon had to fight and scrap and outsmart red necks and racists for everything he ever got during the autumn of Jim Crow. There is no question that Larry has been out for Larry, as any red blooded American ought to be out for himself in the land of opportunity, but he has always been out for the game, too; that is what has always redeemed him in my eyes.

    Go, Larry, go.

    Go, Nic, go.

    P.S.: I love it when we find common ground on someone like Nic. I will understand if you don’t share my love of Larry. LB tests me sometimes, but I love the guy.

  • @jaybate-1.0 SMU already has one of the wealthiest alumni bases in college athletics. There are many oil and energy people with ties to SMU and aren’t afraid to spend that money on SMU, sometimes to SMU’s detriment.

    @KUinLA Nic Moore may not have statistically had a big impact on KU in Korea, but his leaderahip skills are something KU hadn’t had in a long time and is the most significant missing piece on this KU team. I’m not exaggerating when I say this, I would trade ANYONE on this current KU team for Nic Moore to be a Jayhawk this year. That is how valuable I view his leadership.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I don’t dislike Larry Brown; I just have a problem with his penchant for bending the rules. Only recently I/we found out how close KU came to getting the death penalty in 1988 due to a lot of his shenanigans which we did not know at the time. Had KU gotten the death penalty would you still feel the same way? As a coach probably yes, but as an individual I will venture to say no. Keep in mind that he had been in trouble before KU; he left UCLA on probation with its NCAA Final Four and Title game appearances vacated. Just sayin’

  • @jaybate-1.0 What what? W was at the SMU game!?

    I wonder if LB met him after the game…

  • @jaybate-1.0 I really wish we had Nic Moore at KU this season, especially considering how SMU wont be able to play in the post season and its his senior year.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 & @jaybate-1.0 Well, as I said, I didn’t see too many of the games. From what I did see, I was unimpressed. But I’ll take your word for it if you watched a lot of the action.

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