Turner: A Fort Worth Star Telegram

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    A great story and love at about the 6:50 mark, he mentions Kansas twice…He seems like a really good kid.

  • Thanks for the link, @truehawk93 .

    What an awesome young man! Another thing that stuck out to me on that clip was at the very end when it said he is not committed yet so his teammates will get more exposure.

    That not only says something about his character and how much he has a team consciousness… but also, it implies he has already made up his mind and is just holding off to announce.

    Weren’t we an early leader on Myles?

    It looks more each day like we will have a big empty hole to fill at the 5 after March.

  • @drgnslayr Yes, KU was an early leader. I would like to think we still are the leader. I’ve said over and again that he is likely waiting to see what Embiid will do. It appears Embiid is drafted at this point.
    Many think Alexander’s commitment may cause Turner to pause. I see no reason why both can’t play. Ellis is the ace in the hole at 4. Alexander had to know that Ellis would be around and Embiid was a question mark. Now, it appears the cards are falling ever so nicely for each recruit. I could see Ellis and Alexander playing some significant 4 time. I could also see Alexander and Turner playing some 5 too. I just don’t think Lucas and Mickelson are ready to carry this team at the 5. They are going to get some mins at the 5, but not anything significant. I could see Lucas playing more his junior and senior year. I could see Mickelson backing Lucas too after playing with Embiid, Alexander, Traylor, and possibly Turner. Turner’s story reminds me a little of Ellis. Turner might be a OAD or he could be at least a 2 yr project. Could you imagine Ellis and Turner together for 2-3 years? This is assuming that Embiid is gone after this year and Alexander is gone after next. There’s plenty of rotation for the bigs. I just don’t think Self wants to have another repeat of the Twins leaving without a big or two playing a key role in the rotation. Alexander’s build alone makes him a auto draft pick. Turner would be really talented, but needs some Hudyizing.
    Hudy may be a big factor with Turner. It was interesting to read how weight training is a big part of his personal training from Slim. He needs a good coach to take him to the next level. Self and Hudy may be Turner’s ticket. One of Turner’s early pieces was KU’s record with bigs in the league.

  • New York Norm, Kurtis Kool, and Snacks must be triple teaming this young man.

    Self may not even have to sweep his mother off her feet.

    Regarding log jams with Oubre at the 3, Ellis here at the 4m and Alexander already coming for the 5, fuggedaboutit!!!

    Perry moves to point guard!!!

    Yeee hawwwwwwww!

  • @jaybate 1.0 : or maybe Oubre does.

  • @jaybate 1.0 There you go, jb, hurdling out of the BOX again!

  • @REHawk: Coach, you and me, we have been through so much, the box is gone! 🙂

  • Great Sunday!! Hey this is my first post but have some amazing news. Myles Turner will be coming to KU. Just wanted to let ya’ll know.

  • @bigtexjayhawk Ok, bigtex, I’ll bite. What are you basing this on?


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