Hypothesis: some aliases mostly post after KU losses, or misfortune...hmmm

  • It’s only based on anecdotal observation, but I thought it was worth rolling the hypothesis out there. 😈

  • In the vernacular of the younger generation…true dat…

  • @jaybate-1.0 I’ve noticed that for quite some while now. Also some only lurk but then emerge & rant after a political thread or a pseudo political comment…so for Heavens sakes forbid we call it Profiling… Some even sound like genuine Dudley Doorights but they make me Howl !! -Surely not trolls ? Venture to say we have half dozen or so of them around now & then…

  • Talk radio after the first half of the Chiefs’ season was a fun-filled hate-a-thon.

  • Some of us don’t have as much time as others to devote to this site and team and prefer to vent here mainly when their hackles are raised. Fair enough? Or are you taking attendance, lol?

  • ✔

  • @jaybate-1.0 …simply amazin’ ain’t it ?

  • @jaybate-1.0 Dying!

  • @KUinLA Which ones are your Happy Sites?

  • @globaljaybird


  • Losing hurts. Winning feels normal.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    some aliases mostly post after KU losses, or misfortune

    It’s better than the old site when some aliases mostly posted to criticize your longer contributions.

    I have an older PC that is still scrolling through that stuff…

  • I was in shock when people were hoping Self would be fired. That was unbelievable.

  • I tend to post more after wins. Particularly tough losses, I won’t even watch highlights, read about it, whatever, even if it’s an article sympathetic to my team. I do go all negative every once in a while, but not on the Jayhawks much.

  • @wissoxfan83 I was PISSED when we lost to Sparty- I just didn’t post here about it.

  • Banned

    I don’t think @kubuckets has a lot of trolls.

    Some KU fans are happy with conference championships and some want National championships.

    Some trust in Coach and some question what he’s doing.

    Coach has righted this ship and is coaching a good game. Yet I must warn those that are beating your chest and mocking those that maybe thought the game might be passing Coach by. KU hasn’t made it to conference play yet, let alone the tournament.

    KU is winning and making big strides because Coach is going against his very nature. Yet don’t think Coach has giving up on his addiction of pounding the ball inside. Old habits die hard.

    However I will say this about Coach he has done the right thing despite what he might have wanted to do.

    I guess that is why he is HOF kind of stuff. Maybe in time he’ll become legendary?

  • @DoubleDD Coach Rat went 9 years w/o a Final Four…Self goes 3 years, and we’re calling for his head…

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    You would be correct there was indeed to much of a knee jerk reaction.

    Though you have to admit that MSU game really hurt Jayhawk nation. It wasn’t that KU lost it was how they lost that stirred the pot. It was like watching last year play out all over again.

    Yet it’s all water under the bridge. As Coach has righted the ship and is playing to his teams strengths, and has given Jayhawk fans hope that this could be indeed a special season.

    Lets hope coach stays the course with this team, and does something magical.

  • @DoubleDD You could say we’re undefeated except for the last five minutes of the MSU game.

  • @KUSTEVE Really one bad 3pt shooting night from being ranked #1. At this point I’m almost glad we lost. I don’t want this team to get complacent and being #1 has the tendency to do that to teams.

  • @KUSTEVE said:

    @DoubleDD Coach Rat went 9 years w/o a Final Four…Self goes 3 years, and we’re calling for his head…

    You nailed the essence of the issue.

    And its crucial to add that Coach Rat had better talent than Self had MOST of those 9 years than Self has had in all but his best one or two seasons at KU. Without putting too fine of a point on it, the dump trucks have never come to Lawrence. Period.

    Self is a flipping unbelievable phenomenon of winning at KU.

    Coach Rat, Roy, Pitino, even Izzo, and others have mediocre seasons in their off years. They don’t win conference titles. They don’t win 25 games and get in the tournament. They often fall near .500.

    This is what board rats and national and local pro journos and all the whore-posting, scum sucking, bottom feeding cyber site destabilizing gutter trash fail to mention. What makes him so extraordinary is NOT that he wins 11 conference titles in a row. Long streaks always require some luck. He could easily have lost one or two the last 11 years as surely as Wooden could have lost some of the rings he won without some breaks. What is so staggeringly phenomenal about Self is how little he declines in his “off” seasons. The guy plays with Conner Teahan as his sixth man with no one else credible credible on the bench, and not a single Mickey D on the roster, and he finishes runner up…in what was absolutely supposed to be an off season. Unlike mere mortals like Coach Rat, Roy Williams, and Tom Izzo, even aided as the first two are by dump trucks, and unlike other great coaches trying to get by without dump trucks like Rick Pitino and Bo Ryan, Bill Self falls to, um, well, to one double digit loss season in 11 years. HOWLING!!!

    Self is insanely successful.

    And remember he is doing this in the jaws of an apparent talent embargo that has apparently been strengthening each season since 2008.

    God only knows how many rings he would have won since '08 had he had the kind of stacks that the dump trucks have offloaded at Duke, UK and UNC, since 2008, and have spread the last 3 seasons to towering perennial basketball powers like UA, LSU, and Cal.

    What everyone should really be astonished by of late follows:

    Johnny .600 at LSU can’t even win games in pre conference at LSU with Ben Simmons and his other gimmes.

    Roy has already been upset by a cupcake despite his regular dump truck visitations. And brace yourselves, KU fans, Roy was 20-17 and finished 9th in 2009-10!!! OMG! OMG! Roy would have had to be fired after that season at KU. And Roy was 19-11 his first season at UNC, and finished 6th!!! Self won his conference his first season. OMG! OMG!!! Roy can’t coach. Fire him. He was past his prime before he got to UNC. Forget the two rings. They don’t matter any more than Bill’s ring matters. Roy has had double digit losses for the last three seasons and finished 3rd, 3rd, and 5th!!! OMG! OMG! Fire him. He is past his prime. The game is passing him by!!!

    Rick Pitino? Rick is his peer. Rick barely lost to Izzo, too. But other than MSU, Rick has played Saint Louis. Saint Louis? No UCLA? No Vanderbilt already? Nope. And since Bill came to KU, Rick has been 19-13, 20-10, 21-13, 20-13, and he has finished in conference as follows: 8th, 3rd, 6th, 11th, 2rd, 2rd, 1st, 5th, 3rd, 7th, 1st, 1st, 4th. OMG! OMG! Rick would have been fired seven years ago, ring or no ring. OMG! OMG! Rick has been to the NITs not once but twice!!!

    Tom Izzo? The God of the Damned? Since Self took over at KU? Ratso Izzo was 19-12, 22-13, 18-12, and finished 5th, 3rd and second. Then he finished .500 in conference two years and ranked 6th and 7th in his conference. while Self was inning conference titles all….the….time!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! Ratso has been on the down hill slope of his career all the years that Self has been at KU even though he went to the Final Four 4 times! OMG! OMG! OMG! He has never won a ring while Self has been at KU!!! Or was Self as KU in the 199-2000 season?


    GO, BILL, GO!!!




    P.S.: God help me, I do love it so!!! 🙂

  • @jaybate-1.0 Watch our folks, he can only absorb coach bashing up to a point then 👊 :facepunch: 💥 💥 :facepunch:

    It’s also best to back away when he goes to all CAPS.

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  • @jaybate-1.0 I think that most of the aliases have migrated to here from the ‘‘other site’’. Hardly anyone posts there any more. maybe a good article will get 20 posts tops.

  • @jaybate-1.0 People 30 years from now won’t be able to comprehend there was anything other than adulation towards Bill Self. It would be like bitching about Wilt Chamberlain in his prime.

  • @KUSTEVE said:

    @DoubleDD Coach Rat went 9 years w/o a Final Four…Self goes 3 years, and we’re calling for his head…

    Exactly…and to go a step further, Self is in his 13th season at KU

    In his previous 12 seasons he has made the big dance every year.

    And he’s has advanced to the Elite 8 or better in five of those 12 appearances.

    But he hasn’t done it for two seasons.

    And we were 1-1 this year…and the sky was following…so out came the pitch forks and torches.

    UCONN wins the title one year. Goes 0-1 the next year, misses the tournament the next two and then wins it again.

    Plus they have four 14 loss or higher seasons in the past 12 years - not to mention NCAA sanctions - but people say they’d trade our consistency for an extra title or two…

    While at the same time coming out the other side of their mouth is verbiage that we have “only” went 1-1 in the dance the last two seasons after making the title game twice in the prior six seasons.

    Just my opinion, but I don’t think KU fans would be happy if we missed 4 tournaments in 12 seasons. Regardless of whether we won three titles in that time or not.

    We had we people b!tch!ng that we had 10 loss seasons in the last two…while conveniently forgetting we also had the nation’s toighest strength of schedule in those years and did it with a very young and inexperienced team.

    Unbelievable to me…but to each their own, I guess.

    And @jaybate-1.0 I so badly wanted to comment that you had put some cheese in the trap when I read your post early this morning …but I didn’t want to scare the away anyone that it might catch!

  • I don’t like it when we lose. Especially when it was because we shot ourself in the foot.

    I get mad, I cuss and I ask why didn’t we do this or that.

    But I also know it is unrealistic that we will fire on all cylinders ever nite and by the next morning I have accepted that.

    That being said, I make myself stay away from this site for a couple of days after every loss…b/c I can’t believe the gloom and doom that will be here and the bad mouthing of our coaches and players that will take place by supposed KU fans.

  • Come on people. MSU is likely the top team in the country. Of Course I don’t like losing to anyone but there is no shame in losing to MSU, particularly when Valentine is/was playing out of his mind…which seems to the norm for him anymore.

  • @JayHawkFanToo But MSU should not be #1 in the Country. We should have beaten them, Valentine or no Valentine. It was what we perceived as mis-guided hard headedness in our coaching decisions that led to the outcry.

    Maybe the outcry helped Self realize, probably not more than the loss itself, that he needed to get his act together?

    In any case, will be interesting to see how Diala changes the whole playing time situation.

  • @Bwag I agree that our coach stuck/reverted to his system at the end of the game.

    But he didn’t miss a single bunny the entire game and he didn’t leave his guy open for uncontested threes in crunch time.

    If Maaon Graham and or Selden can just throw it in the ocean that game, we win by double figures, regardless of the game plan…they got tight and clenched up in crunch time as the lead was dwindling…it happens. And it is not the end of the world when it does. Learn from it and move on.

    But Self shouldn’t shoulder the blame when his best players fail to execute. The team’s play and his schemes had us up by 12 or 13 late in the game.

    Not to mention that MSU is very, very good.

  • @Bwag

    You understand that under valuing MSU does not help your cause, right? They are still the team to beat…so far… They beat KU on that particular game but KU rebounded nicely, enjoy the current team and stop dwelling on one poor game.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    And the scary part is they did it with two of their best on the bench in street clothes with injuries.

    If Izzo works his typical magic, they will be scary good by tournament time.

    But I really like the trajectory we are on right now too. That loss seems to have been a pretty good wake up call.

  • @SoftballDad2011 said:

    I so badly wanted to comment that you had put some cheese in the trap…

    It seemed a no lose proposition at the time.😄

  • Self’s comments on Sparty


  • Any one else find it unusual Self is speaking so favorably of the team?

    Isn’t this the part of the season where he is usually talking about how unfocused, how soft, how we are thinking too much instead of just playing…???

    What can / should we read in to this?

  • @SoftballDad2011

    Self has to know this team is full of guys who need help believing they belong at the top. Frank from Towson State. Jamari from abandoned cars. Perry and Wayne the can’t miss 5 star and OAD that have hung around for years getting punked by opponents. Hunter the top 50 postman no one wanted after UArk. Devonte the kid who came in exchange for a selfie. Svi the all everything Ukraine Kid who couldn’t guard over a pick in d-1. And so on. Diallo the guy they won’t even clear. Landen the 5 year project. Self has to keep pumping these guys up. They have chips and doubts.

  • Chips are good. Very good! Drgslayr will be very happy to see that jaybate thinks these guys have chips!

  • Banned

    @SoftballDad2011 and @jaybate-1.0

    the truth about Coach

    Yea Coach rocks it in the regular season nobody can deny. Yet in the tournament Coach is nothing but average.

    That my friends is just a fact. Yet I get it. Winning conference championships is more important than winning national championships.

    And for some reason according to you two? The measuring stick is MSU? Not sure why but ok I always thought KU was the standard, but after reading your posts it seems KU has to measure up to MSU?

    I’ll go on record as saying MSU didn’t win that game but KU lost it because our coach didn’t play to his teams strengths. Not that it will matter to you two. As MSU seems to be the standard.

  • Banned


    Be careful when you set a trap? The hunted might just be the hunter.

  • @DoubleDD said:

    Yet in the tournament Coach is nothing but average.

    In statistics “average” can be misleading. The important thing is the standard deviation.

    Self’s average is somewhere in the second weekend. Suppose he upped his average to Elite 8 but never did worse or better than that? Would that be better than a 3-1 record in the Final Four?

    I think we should ask ourselves what exactly is the source of our miscontent.

    • Is it not enough NCs? In that case early flameouts don’t matter as long as we win another NC.

    • Or is it too many first weekend losses?

    • Or is it the way we lose?

    Personally, I think with our seeds we should get to the second weekend, and I’m disappointed when we don’t.

    As for the way we lose, I don’t know which is worse: losing to Stanford when we shouldn’t have, or losing to WSU when we should have. Then there was the “Nutcracker” game against Michigan…

    Self gets another NC and he is the only KU coach in history with multiple NCAA championships. Then the early losses will be unimportant.

  • Banned


    I totally agree another National championship and all arguments become mute. Yet the fact remains as great as Coach has been in the regular season he has been just as bad in the tournament.

    I mean ask yourself this question how many times has KU under Coach lost when they were the higher seed?

    I love Coach and want him to succeed, and for the most part he has. Yet his tournament record isn’t nothing to forget. After all KU is labeled as chokers in the tournament. That’s just not an opinion that’s just facts.

    I for one is hoping Coach turns the table this year. I really do.

    As I’m perplexed as a KU fan. Take me for what I’m worth. Which isn’t much.

  • @DoubleDD said:

    as great as Coach has been in the regular season he has been just as bad in the tournament.

    That is an exaggeration, but I see your point.

    I have a partial explanation that I keep repeating, but no one seems to pick up on it.

    • KU has the best home court advantage in sports.

    • That means in more than half our games we have an advantage that translates to extra wins and higher seeds than we would otherwise have.

    • So every year we go into the NCAA Tournament overrated (especially by us)!

    Our home field advantage inflates our perception of our worth, and makes our recent NCAA history appear worse by comparison.

    This doesn’t explain anything about Self’s performance, but partly explains our perception of his performance.

  • Banned


    That is a very good point. I’ll have to think about that one. Even now I’m like damn good point. Give me some time to think about that one. Yet even now I think you might have something.

  • @ParisHawk

    I believe Self’s average is actually nearer to the Elite 8 than most realize.

    In 12 seasons at KU he has taken the Jayhawks to the Elite 8 or farther on 5 occasions.

    Two title games, three elite 8 exits, 2 sweet 16 exits, 3 round of 32 exits and 2 first round exits.

    You hit on a very good point…perception.

    That perception …or expectation…entering each season for most of us is a final four… that is not realistic., so missed expectations at season’s end skew our perception of the actual success we did attain.

    So when people view Self’s body of work, they fixate on the two 0-1 seasons and/or the three 1-1 seasons to gauge his performance…but lose site of the deeper runs. Since that deep run was the expectation to begin with, it was not noteworthy. But an early exit is noteworthy because that was not the expectation.

    He has a .711 win percentage in the tournament with his KU teams.

    Measure his performance vs his peers instead of against unrealistic expectations and his success is more evident

  • image.png

  • @DoubleDD said:

    @SoftballDad2011 and @jaybate-1.0

    the truth about Coach

    Yea Coach rocks it in the regular season nobody can deny. Yet in the tournament Coach is nothing but average.

    That my friends is just a fact. Yet I get it. Winning conference championships is more important than winning national championships.

    And for some reason according to you two? The measuring stick is MSU? Not sure why but ok I always thought KU was the standard, but after reading your posts it seems KU has to measure up to MSU?

    I’ll go on record as saying MSU didn’t win that game but KU lost it because our coach didn’t play to his teams strengths. Not that it will matter to you two. As MSU seems to be the standard.

    I understand your point.

    And no, I am not satisfied solely with conference titles. But there is nothing average about a “bad” season that still included a conference title and invitation to the dance.

    In regard to the measuring stick you say in one breath that we have been average in the tournament.

    But in the next breath you chastise for using MSU as a measuring stick…stating that KU should be the standard.

    Well…if you believe KU has been average when it matters most, then I would contend that Sparty isn’t a bad selection for use as a measuring stick…given that Izzo has seven final fours to his credit.

    I personally believe Self’s post season success is a little better than average…one of just seven teams to play in 2 or more title games since 2004 (if you throw in Roy’s 2003 title game, we are tied for the most title game appearances since 2003).

    But if that success is indeed average to you, then Izzo’s seven final fours isn’t a bad measuring stick, is it?

  • @DoubleDD said:


    “I mean ask yourself this question how many times has KU under Coach lost when they were the higher seed?”

    @DoubleDD - Would you agree that the overall #1 seed rarely wins the tournament?

    The great thing about facing KU in the first or second round as a lower seed is that you are already playing with house money…and you have already exceeded expectations. That allows them to play loose and gives them a lot of momentum if they are able to stay within striking distance until the final 5 minutes of the game. Which at the same time makes that bullseye on our back all the more burdensome.

    WSU is a notable exception, but in my opinion they were a better team than their seed gave them credit for.

    It is a game we should have won. But that opponent was not a typical round of 32 matchup for a 2 or 3 seed.

    For the record, I agree with you that MSU didn’t beat us…we beat ourselves.

    Our difference in thinking seems to stem from my acceptance that they did find a way to win a game that they should have lost…just like they did again this week against Louisville…and for that reason I have no problem in giving them their props for having done so.

  • @ParisHawk You have raised a valid point regarding the home court advantage. With this in mind I wonder what Coach Self’s record would have been if he did not play most of his home games at AFH. Would he still be sitting at .821? And, how much of this advantage has helped with our Big 12 streak.

    Another valid point is how much of this home court advantage hurting KU in the tournament? Our players get so much used to having crowd as the 6th man when games are on the line & somehow pull out a W. But when facing similar situations on neutral courts are they prepared mentally to pull it off. I don’t have an answer but I am wondering.

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