Raw Emotions

  • I really enjoyed seeing Diallo’s fire last night (can’t use energy because that has been deemed non-acceptable by some here for a basketball player to have). Not only was it fire, but then he smiled and laughed a few times, maybe because he was having fun?

    The bench smiled and laughed, even before Frank got blocked by the rim or Tyler’s “BANK” shot.

    Now forget about who showed us the most fire or smiled the biggest last night. Let’s talk about the two from last night that never show any emotions.

    Perry and Hunter, I’d add Landon, but since he wasn’t able to play I won’t kick him when he’s down. Neither gets pumped up after a dunk or a block or a great play. By themselves or a team mate. I’d pay into Bill Self’s charity of I once just saw Perry make a fist as he ran down the court after he made a shot. Hunter aside from the red hair always has that “what me worry” look on his face (please tell me I’m not the only one growing up that read MAD Magazine).

    The game of basketball is fun to play, and when you are having fun, you should show emotion, be it smile and laugh when your PG gets blocked by the rim on a dunk and lands on his face, or when you get a dunk to let out a primal scream or pump your fist, or when you are losing to get a scowl on your face and show that you are pissed off your team is losing.

    MJ and Kobe played with great intensity and elegance, but yet they showed emotion after big plays or bad plays. Why can’t Perry, Hunter and Landon do the same??

  • Good observations. I like displays of emotion. If it was by the opposing team, now you’ve got to counter that emotion with your own.

    But I also think the players are simply showing their own personalities, which they are allowed to have.

    I think the 2nd highest rated KU “emotional display” was when against Purdue & Robbie Hummel, Tyshawn and Thomas Robinson were seeing doing the pumped-up fists clenched yelling (like an end-zone celebration) at center court right after we took the lead in the last 1:40 of the game and won.

    The highest rated emotional display, to me was after Memphis in 2008…(actually cant contain my emotions now, just thinking about it…).

    Other favorite displays are any Thomas Robinson dunk, the after-dunk celebrations by Tyshawn, and the gorilla-chest-thumps x 3 by Darnell Jackson after his tomahawk jam putback at Stillwater. Special stuff.

  • I might have jumped off my couch as high as TRob got on his block at the end of the last AFH mizzu game.

    Pretty sure my neighbors heard me scream too. .

  • I think this is huge! It’s also the reason Wayne’s play is going to be so important. The leadership role on this team needs to shift from Perry to Wayne (I think it already has). Self has been begging Perry to lead for 3 years at least. He has the talent, he’s a natural scorer, and can do everything on the court. Except fire up his teammates. And that is what leaders do. Inspire.

    I can remember ONE time last year when Perry got his teammates going after he “blended” someone in the post and made a little gesture. ONE! In FOUR YEARS! He is a great player and a key piece for this team. But I think it is becoming clear that he’s a piece, not THE piece. Self’s teams generally lack a traditional go to guy as he emphasizes balance and sharing the ball, but the best team always have strong emotional leaders.

    Rush was the best player but not the emotional leader. That was either Mario or Darnell with so many others bringing fire to that 08 team.

    TROB. Enough said.

    To me that’s why losing Embiid was so tough for the 14 team. As much as his play was needed, his emotion was missed.

    Did you see Wayne after Vick’s dunk? That’s a leader.

  • @benshawks08 Love it! If Wayne Selden keeps up his pace, he will go lotto. He ALWAYS has had court vision. His handles are better. Future NBA’er. Will be interesting to see if this season’s stats and consistency allow Selden to leave early or not.

  • @benshawks08

    I think (correct me if I am wrong) that what you are getting at is that there are different types of leaders. There are emotional leaders. Perry is clearly not that type of leader because he doesn’t give you any emotion to follow. There are quiet leaders. That’s more in Perry’s wheelhouse. They lead by example by showing up on time and just being generally a good soldier.

    But this team has lacked an emotional leader. I think Diallo has helped Wayne kind of unleash his inner fire this year. Wayne in some ways tried to be more like Perry and follow Perry’s even keel lead. But if you are a fiery player, that’s how you will play best and we see so far this year that Wayne is more fired up and he’s playing his best ball.

    We’ve been waiting for the NCAA to free Cheick, but maybe, in truth, Cheick freed everyone else.

  • @ralster I am fine if he leaves if he leads the team to a final four and championship!

  • @justanotherfan Yeah pretty much. I think the biggest thing for Wayne’s leadership is his confidence he is gaining through this hot streak. Hope he doesn’t lose it when his shooting comes back to earth!

  • @JRyman Thomas Robinson’s 2 best dunks are the one in AFH vs Baylor when he came baseline (Blake Griffin style) and tomahawked a lob from Tyshawn. The other is his nasty, nasty stickback jam over the top of Dwight Howard. The contortions and grimaces that Howard’s Laker bench guys did was priceless. Never ever got tired of rooting for TRob.

  • @justanotherfan Excellent observation. Wayne is definitely playing with much more passion.

  • @ralster I hope he can go lotto or first round.

    But that could leave a hole at 3 if Svi gets his call up to the league as well as a lot are predicting.

    I know Vick is there but not much depth with experience at the 3.

  • @JRyman As it relates to Perry, I think he was quoted at some point as saying that as a youngster he used to get too emotional…this is his way of keeping that in check. As it relates to all of them…People can’t try to be something they are not. Perry plays pretty well with that demeanor…I’ll take it.

  • @JRyman I would love a lineup with Vick at the 3 next year. Or Svi. Or Greene…if he can fit his ego in the building.

  • @KUSTEVE I like Vick!

  • @JRyman Here is the most emotion I’ve seen out of Perry. Watch the response after the third of Four dunks against TCU.

  • @wrwlumpy can someone show those to Perry? He even smiled after that Oop from Frank added in a high five. Say whaaat?

    The game is fun Perry enjoy it

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Maybe Vick brings UnderArmour sponsorship to KU…

  • Once, Perry was being guarded by a slower Big from Texas Tech who was draping him and getting rough. After the foul was called, Perry turn to stare at him as if to say, “Are you just stupid or what?” He does have emotions, but he is still the Class President, Valedictorian and Four time All State player that has been exemplified as a good kid that could some day be President. He is All Academic First Team in the Big 12, quit a different Persona than say - Donald Trump.

  • After seeing his on-court demeanor, and hearing several dozen interviews post game, I have come to realize Perry Ellis is either very shy and introverted, or is intentionally keeping his responses very simple, short…maybe to not upstage his teammates. Kids want to fit in. All that valedictorian stuff can absolutely set someone apart from 99% of other kids, because its an actual proven, earned fact. So I think Perry just plays it cool The absolute polar opposite of prima donna.

    Hey, if it works for him, what can we say. We’ve got Wayne, BG, Jamari, Devonte, Bragg, and Diallo to get all fired up.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That dunk was nasty!!

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