Milt Newton

  • Love me some Milt Newton!! I always enjoyed his fire and his smile and his spirit! I hope he enjoys great success in his new endeavor.

  • @nwhawkfan Rock Chalk spreading over the NBA and beyond!

  • If you haven’t yet, take some time and read @jaybate-1.0’s post on the evolution of Self’s offense. Well worth it.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Thanks for the props.

    Now, regarding that '88 team, LB started a huge portion of the future of basketball that year, didn’t he?

    Coaching staff: Head coach Larry Brown (1 NBA title) Assistant coach R. C. Buford (Spurs, 5 NBA titles* ) Assistant coach Alvin Gentry (HC Clippers, Suns, Pelicans) Assistant coach Ed Manning (Spurs asst coach and scout) Assistant coach Mark Turgeon (HC at WSU, TAM, and Maryland) And wasn’t Calipari washing jocks for that team?

    And since Buford took over as GM for Popa, who was also one of LBs gang, with the Spurs in 1992, look at the personnel the Spurs have spun off.

    Mike Brown, Spurs assistant coach for 2000–2003, Cleveland Cavaliers head coach 2005-10, 2013–14, Los Angeles Lakers head coach 2011–12. P. J. Carlesimo, Spurs assistant coach for 2002–2007, Portland Trail Blazers head coach 1994-1997, Golden State Warriors head coach 1997-99, Seattle SuperSonics/Oklahoma City Thunder head coach 2007-08, Brooklyn Nets interim head coach 2012-13. Mike Budenholzer, Spurs assistant coach for 1996–2013, Atlanta Hawks head coach 2013–present. Avery Johnson, former Spurs player 1991, 1994–2001, Dallas Mavericks head coach 2004-08, 2006 Coach of the Year, 2010-12 New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets Vinny Del Negro, former Spurs player 1992-1998, Chicago Bulls head coach 2008-10, Los Angeles Clippers head coach 2010-13. Monty Williams, former Spurs player 1996-1998, New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans head coach 2010–present. Jacque Vaughn, former Spurs player 2006–2009, Spurs assistant coach 2010-12, Orlando Magic head coach 2012–present. Brett Brown, Spurs assistant coach 2007-2013, Philadelphia 76ers head coach 2013–present. Steve Kerr, former Spurs player 1999-2001, 2002-2003, Golden State Warriors head coach 2014–present. Sam Presti, Seattle SuperSonics/Oklahoma City Thunder general manager 2007–present. Danny Ferry, former Spurs player 2000-2003, middle management level at Spurs 2003-05, Cleveland Cavaliers general manager 2005-10, Spurs Vice President of Basketball Operations 2010–12, Atlanta Hawks general manager 2012–2015. Dell Demps, former Spurs player 1995–1996, New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans general manager 2010–present. Kevin Pritchard, Spurs scout 2001–2003, Indiana Pacers general manager 2011–present. Lance Blanks, Spurs scout 2000–2002, Phoenix Suns general manager 2010–13. had more highly successful personalities on it than most teams.

    And of course Turg has rebuilt Wichita State, took Texas A&M up a notch from Billy, and has Maryland on a roll.

    And then there were these incredible players on the 1988 team, who have all just seemed to be incredibly successful in all kinds of fields. But Pritchard and Newton come quickly to mind as major NBA front office guys. And Danny took Tulsa up a notch, and now has Wake Forest on the right track.

    And Piper and Gurley running around Lawrence being local successes. And I am sure I am leaving several out.

    It is freaking insane what Brown put together in Lawrence.

    And in his spare time he and his staff created Late Night, which became the model for all of these crazy high production value first practices of the new season at schools all over the country.

    Seminal. Just flipping seminal.

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