Could be interesting spring signing period

  • Ok guys, yes let me preference this by saying I fully realize this is just full of random guessing, & speculation but yet feel fairly comfortable at the thought of this ending up the case. I feel come the spring signing we STILL can end up with a pretty sweet class. I fully believe that the odds are very good that we land Marques Bolden & Jarrett Allan both. Some of you have said that they would be battling against one another same spot- - -not so, Bolden is listed as a Center, & Allen is listed as a Power forward. Bolden is listed as the 20th best in the nation, & Allen is listed as the 23rd best shows us leading pretty substantially on both. Allen is at KU 62% over Houston with 15 % and Bolden is at 55 % over Duke at 35 %. also even though some feel, I feel like the Josh Jackson scenario is still wide open. There was an article saying that 3 schools had a leg up Ariz, KU & Michigan state, Although I do feel Michigan State is probably the front runner, but anything is still possible. If we DID happen to land him with Bolden and Allen- - - outstanding class. Even if we don’t land Jackson again would be a very good class with the 2 big men. Other then Jackson does anyone know of any other wings that we may be in on for the 2016 class? thanks guys ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I hope you are right. Looking at the current KU roster, there is a very real chance that there are some HUGE voids left after this season. Is the aforementioned recruiting apocalypse upon us?

    We definitely lose:

    1. Jamari Traylor
    2. Perry Ellis
    3. Hunter Mickelson
    4. Evan Manning (non-scholly)

    I think the odds are likely that we lose:

    1. Cheick Diallo
    2. Wayne Selden
    3. Svi Mykhailiuk

    There will be a huge hole at Wing and with our Big Men, that’s (6) scholarship players! We return Greene at wing but adding a Josh Jackson would be huge. At big man, we return rotation guy Landen Lucas, unknown and coming off major knee injury Dwight Coleby, low ranked, unknown, and seemingly undersized recruit Mitch Lightfoot, and hopefully Carlton Bragg who will be a big piece next year. That’s it. I think Self needs both Bolden and Allen. If he only gets one, it will be interesting to see what he does. Also, if he doesn’t get Jackson, who will we play at the wing with Greene? Is Vick considered a wing? I was thinking he was more of the third guy in the Mason/Graham positions but maybe he will get a shot. Hopefully its a busy spring signing for KU, we need some guys in the fold ranked in that #15-40 range that will likely be here for a few years.

  • I forgot to mention, if you are Allen and Bolden, and you see the huge hole at big man, it has to be enticing ESPECIALLY considering that KU is returning perhaps the best backcourt in the country. That has to be worth something and hopefully what Self uses as a big selling point to these guys.

  • @jayballer54 It would be nice to have them …BUT: I have Devonte at the 1, Frank at the 2, Svi, Greene, or Vick at the 3, Bragg at the 4 …are those two going to want to share the 5?

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