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  • Ok, need some input. I checked out possible listed KU recruits, for 2017 from ESPN top 60, and then Rivals top 150 which I only went down to 100. Ok the question is when these guys lists schools, is it more the school interested in the kid Or the kid in the school? Ya know what I mean? so is it like if it list KU as one of the schools, that means KU is interested OR is it more from the kid either sayin they like KU, OR maybe just had initial contact from the school saying possible interest? appreciate the info guys, just kind of interestin cause of the rivals top 100 it has KU on the kids list & on the ESPN top 60 it has Ku on 16 of the top 60, anyways appreciate it ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 most of the listings say like high low medium between the kid and the school

  • @jayballer54

    Every top 25 program used to send letters of interest to every Top 100 recruit. Once done then the players used to create lists. It’s probably still sort of like this only with a big shoe filtering overlay and starting 9th grade, or so. Just a guess.

  • A lot of kids put schools like K.U., Duke, Kentucy, & North Carolina, on their lists, but that does not necessarily mean the school is actually recruiting them! That can fool recruiting services into rating them higher, and it can make other schools want them, more! But look to see if the school has offered them a Scholarship, because that will tell you if the school is seriously interested in them!

  • @jayballer54

    Usually at this point its the players that are saying what schools they are interested in and vice versa which ones are recruiting them the hardest. Still very early with the 17 class but KU definitely has put in the leg work early for some of the elites. It will be a critical class.

    The big fish for KU right now would be getting the duo of Michael Porter- Top 5 kid & Trae Young top 25 PG. They have said they will be a package deal. Problem is Porter will be heavily pressured to go to Washington where his younger brother signed and his dad is on the staff. The usual heavy hitters Duke & Kentucky are involved too. Billy Preston, Vanderbilt, & Brown all top 10 kids that we have recruited this summer. Obviously keeping Ballock in state will be critical and hopefully recovers from his injury. Chaundee Brown top 100 Guard was at Late Night and he has a lot of upside.

    Too early to tell with the rest but a bunch seem like Duke/Kentucky players. Duval is the top player in the class. Ayton was all the rage but he’s had HS problems transferring into some basketball factory that was made up and now has been closed by the NCAA. So unless he is a great student he’svalready a red flag recruit.

  • @TRUBLUE that’s kind of what I thought also, I mean a kid could LIST ANYONE saying they wee recruiting them, good point but I also agree some with jaybate I wondered if a school just sent out kinda like a standard from letter maybe saying they were interested and was going to be following the kids progression or whatever. The ones almost all of the ones I saw was, yes Ku had offered, but just as the kids filter out, I’m sure so does Ku, lessen, back off obviously thanks for the info ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BeddieKU2 Well rivals has Wendall Carter , the 6ft 10 Power forward from Georgia as it’s nu 1 player in the class & ESPN has DeAndre Ayton as their nu 1 Duval is nu 4 in the ESPN and he doesn’t even list Ku in his rivals listing as a school of interest. I think also we need Porter but it really really early, But I do know Trae likeKU a lot, has been to the last 2 KU late nights and is wanting to make another visit, so that sounds good just have to wait and see. Chaundee, is 73rd in Rivals., Preston is 6th in both services, but I know it will all work out. Just curious to how it all works, kids interest in school, schools interest in the kid, who is giving the information to the sites ya know?

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