Fool's gold comment NBA player?

  • The Golden State Warriors had a record breaking 22 3PTA’s in their absolute stomping of the Phoenix Suns last night and Draymond Green made reference to “fools gold”
    I think its interesting and funny considering what we as KU fans have heard from our own Bill Self.

    Here it is:

    PHOENIX – How do you stop a team that stomps opponents on off nights?

    Here’s an illustration of what’s terrifying about the 17-0 Warriors, aside from the fact they’re 17-0. On Friday night, Golden State was torched on defense, ceding 116 points on 92 shots to the host Phoenix Suns. The Warriors were sloppy on offense, lousy with unforced errors, coughing it up 23 times. A bad game for them, in a few respects.

    Still, they won by 19, 135-116. Also, they didn’t even need to play Stephen Curry in the fourth quarter. As in, the game ceased being competitive after three stanzas. The Suns were done. An unholy torrent of 3-point shooting had snuffed them. In his three quarters, Curry delivered 41 points and nine 3-pointers. The team set a record, splashing 22 from deep.

    The Suns went small, attempting to best Golden State at its preferred style. What resulted was an aesthetically pleasing, fast-forwarded look at basketball. Phoenix already had dug a hole by then and couldn’t keep pace with Golden State in rhythm, hitting so many 3s. The Suns had a great night beyond the arc, draining 10 3-pointers on 26 attempts. Other teams just aren’t supposed to top that figure by 12.

    Golden State, despite all the “streak” questions, continues to focus on process. Interim coach Luke Walton said, “We turned the ball over too much, we still have to get better at that.” Breakout All-Star candidate Draymond Green, who claimed a triple-double Friday, said, “I don’t think our performance was great tonight. You can’t let fool’s gold fool you.” It makes sense. The Warriors hit some 3s they won’t usually hit. They need to tighten up, fix certain things that might hurt them later.

  • @Lulufulu

    When you do anything over or under your own average its variance, not skill or lack of it. The crucial thing about the Warriors is they would have beaten the Suns even if Warriors had only shot their average. The Warriors have built a team with such a high Trey average and such a high Trey frequency they can always win on their hot nights, almost always win on their average nights and win some on their off nights.

    Being able to find a way to win some against the top teams on one’s own off nights is the hallmark of a potential champion.

    Competitive greatness is the only additional ingredient required.

  • @jaybate-1.0 They have that in spades. I love that team. They have to be my favorite to win it all again this year. No disrespect to any current KU players in the NBA right now but Steph Curry is my favorite player. He wasnt until he started taking off on this interstellar elevation of his game. I mean I just shake my head in amazement at some of the stuff he does! Its Jordanesque. Even better in some ways. Curry seems pretty grounded and from what I remember of Jordan, not so much.

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