Statue Of Liberty... Calling Kansas!

  • “Give me your tall and athletic, your poor, your masses of huddling players yearning to play D1.”


    Kansas has just become the “de facto” choice for foreign players with potential eligibility problems.

    “I think there are a lot of places that would not have fought, not because they wouldn’t want to. They may not have the financial means to,” Bill Self added. “You are talking $100,000 on representation of something that obviously could have been handled in one week without representation if everybody was in partnership (NCAA with KU) and worked together."

    That is the first time I heard Self speak a little bit like John Calipari… creating a sound byte for possible future recruits.

  • @drgnslayr Great point!

  • @drgnslayr Bill Self & the University of Kansas definitely raised the flag for the guys in limbo. The 2AA also tried to avert notice of their supreme flippin failure of this case by issuing a 6 game suspension on a dollar-two-ninety-eight improper benefit recipient when they stated all along the issues were academic over whatever schools he attended in the past. Oliver Duck (wrong first letter) punctuated rather definitively the complete travesty & ineptitude that was forced on Chieck & Self displayed this fiasco for national attention & all to behold. The word folly begins with the correct letter but comes no where close in the adequate description of this failure by the 2 AA. That account would be X rated & certainly not permissible on this board.

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