NBA Shooting

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    Found this surfing the web. Thought maybe some of you gurus would enjoy it.

    The game is changing

  • @DoubleDD

    I’ve been hollering about this for quite a while. The game has changed steadily over the years to become more of a perimeter game.

  • @DoubleDD Thanks for sharing. While I don’t follow NBA as much I fully agree with the article.

  • I always ask myself why I like college hoops so much better. Because when I watch the NBA, the product is so much better, particularly shooting of course. Or I could say shooting in college seemingly has gotten so much worse. I’d love to see similar charts for NCAA shooting trends, but I’m just guessing it would show a decline in shooting?

    Blame the OAD for making the college game unwatchable from a shooting standpoint. When all the great players go to the league, what’s left? Not so great players. In fact no teams have great players except for the Nike Stacks, basically two teams every year now have the great players. The rest of us fight for the scraps, the marginal NBA players, when combined with great coaching, can turn the almost great players into NCAA champs.

  • @wissoxfan83 Well, i suppose it depends on what you like when you watch basketball. A former fan of NBA ball myself many years ago, i find the NBA stunningly boring to watch now. Lots of one on one plays by aurguably really good players, no real defense, and endless close to meaningless regular season games. Who cares when a player dunks as he flys by 2 or thre guys who dont try to stop him. Im sure there are tons of people on this site who could better articulate why the National Boring Association is inferior to d1 college ball despite the fact that nba players are incredibly talented.

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