Bob Davis has announced he's retiring after this season.

  • Today, Davis announced this will be his final campaign as the voice of the Jayhawks. Jayhawk football and basketball games just won’t sound the same without him.

    Some of his career highlights as a KU broadcaster include calling 8 of KU’s 14 Final Four’s including the 1988 and 2008 national championships, 6 of KU’s 12 bowl game appearances including the 2008 Orange Bowl that capped a 12-1 season.

    You will be truly missed by Jayhawk Nation Bob and personally, I’d love to see KU on senior day this year, hang a banner right next to Max’s in the south end of AFH to honor Bob’s 32 years of service to KU.

  • He is what a radio sports announcer should sound like. He made long drives at night pass quickly with a complete understanding of how to paint a picture to the radio listener. The genuine love for the game made him one of the best. He will be missed.

  • I love Bob, and I loved Max. The two of them together were radio broadcasting perfection.

    Best of luck to whomever tries to fill Bob’s shoes…

    I agree that there should be a Bob Davis banner hung at AFH, he’s a huge part of the KU family and folklore.

  • @wrwlumpy goosebumps every time!! Love that guy!

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