Paul Pierce: Knowing When to Say When

  • Is it time for Paul Pierce to walk away from the game?


    @drgnslayr: I would have to know what the other player and other players on the other team had done before this to know, whether it was justified pay back, or not. It appears to me from this footage that Pierce did not try to maim the player the way the guy on Georgetown appeared to try to maim Perry Ellis, when the Georgetown thug dropped the Freddy Williamson “HAMMER” on Ellis. Hell, they outlawed The Hammer in the NFL a year or so after Freddy got famous for fracturing a few bones with it. Paul gave this guy what I would call a soft necktie. If Paul had wanted to hurt the guy he would have snapped him down. He just seemed to be making sure there was no three point play. Having said that, Pierce made a nevertheless dangerous foul that he should have been given at least a technical for.

    To answer your real question, no, I don’t think this means Pierce has been at it too long. I think Paul probably should have quit a couple season ago from a playing stand pointy. But once you define yourself as a professional, the only time to quit is when you have salted enough money away to ice your retirement and inheritance plans. I don’t know what Paul’s current financial status is. If he lost his shirt in the Great Stagflation like a lot of folks did, he may be hanging on to rebuild his stake.

    All the above being said, I am really glad you brought the clip to our attention. You have asked the right question about Pierce. The answers from others will be interesting. If Paul were to have no history with this player, or the rest of the team that would suggest payback, then it appears Pierce might need to burn the jock and hang up the tennies.

  • Paul is definitely one of my all-time favs.

    I just hope he knows the right time to leave the game. He’s had a phenomenal career and it’s best to go out on a high note.

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