I've seen the 2nd coming of Danny Manning

  • For those of you young enough to not having the privilege of watching Danny play basketball, the way I remember him is an extremely tall guard like forward. He could score with the best of them, pass well enough that some were calling Danny the next Magic Johnson, and rebound well enough that his rebound totals are in the upper echelons of NCAA history.

    Two memorable plays of Danny. One, I was sitting underneath the north goal where I always sat with my buddies. Danny grabs a rebound and throws a full court bounce pass hitting someone in stride for a layin. My viewpoint was right where I could see the thread the needle nature of the pass. It was mind blowing.

    The other memory was in the title game and I’m sure many of you remember this. At the end of the half he gets a fast break opportunity. He could have driven uncontested for an easy two, but he curls towards the defender Stacey King so that King would foul him while making the easy lay in.

    So far this young season I’ve gotten down to the Pete Maravich center to watch LSU and Ben Simmons. I always get down there for a couple of games per season because tickets are cheap and good seats are available to wander down to and it’s college hoops

    But this year is different. I’ve already been to two games because of Ben Simmons. His game reminds me so much of Danny Manning. He runs the floor extremely well, passes phenomenally and is deadly near the basket. He hasn’t shown a dependable outside shot yet but really hasn’t needed one, against admittedly weaker competition. But 23 points and 15 rebounds for a freshman against an experienced South Alabama team is nothing to sneeze at, and he should have had 5 or 6 assists except his passes were so good that his teammates simply missed them because they weren’t expecting a ball to hit them in the hands.

    I suspect that by the end of the season he will be the freshman everybody is talking about. Of course he won’t stick around to win a National Championship like Danny so the comparison stops there.

  • @wissoxfan83

    I believe he already is the freshman everyone is talking about, they’ve been talking about him for the past year being the #1 recruit and all. He’s a special talent, one that probably contributes in the NBA now instead of having to wait until next year. His passing is uncanny for a big

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