So Who ya Takin'?

  • Nope not to win it all, that would be a ridiculous prediction at this point of the season. But as I sat in a hunting cabin for a few days with some good friends from all over the country and away from internet, cell phones and TV we had interesting conversations.

    This is the question of the week. You can’t pick your team, i.e. here we can’t pick Kansas, but you have to pick a team from each of the power 5 conferences. Big East, ACC, SEC, BigTen, Big12 and PAC12. We thought about other conferences but since there has been so many shake ups and name changes(again no internet to research), we just kept it at the Power5.

    So who are your takin’?

  • I guess I should put my own down to get the ball rollin’

    Big East, even though I live in Omaha or a 'burn of it not taking the BlueJays. I’ll go with Marquette, Loved Al Mcguire ACC, without question UNC, Dean Smith enough said. SEC, going a different route here and taking Georgia, maybe it’s on my mind, or maybe it’s Hershel Walker? Would have taken Auburn, Bo Jackson, Charles Barkely, Frank Thomas, but Cam Newton ruins all those for me. BigTen, this one hurts after last night, but yes I take MSU, Magic, Heathcote and I have no problems with Izzo, he gets it done man. Big12, since I can not nor can you take KU, I have to take OU. Both football and basketball get my respect, even the Boz. Pac12, this one was my hardest, could say UCLA thanks to Wooden being the greatest of all time, but Bill Walton kills me. But who else is there? Can’t do Arizona after 97, ASU had point shaving, USC Matt Leinert, enough said, Cal maybe. Stanford NO!! Not just because of our tournament run in with them, but the Lopez twins too. Oregon, no. Oregon State no. Washington no. Washington State no. OK so even with Walton I’ll take UCLA, but wait Ben Howland, oh never mind. UCLA.

    But no matter where I may roam and as long as I have freedom of speech, it is ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK all the way, all the time!

  • Yeah moving on from the past and looking forward so I’m being that guy and bumping this thread back up to get people talking about something different that last nights debacle.

    So have fun with it. Let’s see who you would take.

  • @JRyman

    Gosh… I think it is just too early for me to predict.

    I am liking some dark horses. For example… I know I am dreaming… but I’d like to see LSU win the SEC. Simmons is going to be great, but unfortunately, I think Kentucky’s Murray will counteract the effects of Simmons.

    There is a lot of talk about Indiana basketball.

    And can Maryland really hold up to the pressure of being a top-ranked team?

    I thought Duke looked horrible yesterday. I like Allen, and he was a total bust against size. I always considered him to be very athletic, but when watching him go up against the athletes of Kentucky, he looked slow and with little hop.

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