Be Safe In The Snow!

  • People are so interesting.

    They wave with one finger when they pass me driving sanely on snow and ice.

    Then they wave with BOTH hands, while jumping up and down when I pass them later and their car is in the ditch.

  • @nuleafjhawk hahaha. Not too far off from our Saturday drive from SW Kansas to south of the KC area.

    My cousin said last Sunday in KC after church he was driving home. When he came to a intersection with road work blocking the left turn lane. So he parked at the light blocking the left turn lane partially due to the slick road conditions.

    A car came up behind him, honked passed him on the right (at a red). The male driver and his female passenger flipped him off as did their kid in the back. Which left my cuz with his jaw open following the sermon on being kind and giving in the season. The whole famdamily.

    They whipped into the intersection (with a giant hole) tried to turn left and had to swerve back into the intersection ahead of the traffic that was waiting on the green.:) No curtesy wave either.

  • @dylans - The driver was probably texting at the same time. Haha.

    I am flabbergasted at how many people missed the class where they taught the rest of us that, for some crazy reason vehicles (Even FOUR WHEEL DRIVE vehicles, OMG) don’t handle as well on snow and ice as they do on dry pavement.


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