A Script From The Steve Jobs' Playbook...

  • Could this be Apple all over again? A reinvented Apple?

    Maybe a green apple?

    Maybe a Greene Apple?

    Granted Northern Colorado is not on the level of a Michigan State.

    However… Brannen Greene appears to have been reinvented. It seems that Steve Jobs has taken over his mind, and he knows what it takes to restore a rotten apple into a shiny, multi-colored apple that is hard to keep up with demand.

    Brannen Greene has been reinvented!

    The “Greene Apple” that showed up for the Northern Colorado is a fruit we had never tasted before.

    Not only did he go 6-for-6 from the field, he went 5-for-5 from trey. Shooting is his calling card, but he was also bending his knees and brought probably his best contribution on defense since becoming a Jayhawk. Has Self finally reached this young man? Is he finally “getting it?”

    What is next for the reinvented Greene Apple? Will he start creating his own shot? He seems to be faster and lighter on his feet than at any other time we have seen him. Friday, he even attempted his own break away drive to the hole against two defenders and earned a couple of free throws.

    I know we all want the Greene Apple’s trey baskets. Don’t we also want what Self wants… the trey baskets PLUS a good defensive (and rebounding) performance?


    I’m starting to think the “Greene Apple” is “getting it!”

  • @drgnslayr I definitely hope you are right slayr. I was surprised at how much energy he had Friday. Hope he continues that moving forward.

  • How was his D btw?
    (I missed the game, and some unknown reason ESPN 3 is NOT making it available for replay. beyond frustrated here ! )

  • @Bosthawk

    I believe he had a steal and a couple of rebounds in less than a half of basketball. The numbers didn’t reflect how he looked quicker and more responsive. He seemed more aggressive on defense, especially compared to times last year when it seemed like he just didn’t want to play on the defensive end.

    He looked upbeat on defense.

    Visuals are part of it. I think if he keeps going this way his defensive stats will start reflecting his efforts.

  • @drgnslayr Steve Jobs has a play book? 😉

    Anyways, I just watched the MSU game from last night. They seem pretty big and tall down low. They go after every rebound and a couple can stretch the floor. Their outside shooting wasnt great and they turned the ball over a lot against an inferior team. They seem to make more outside shots from the left wing. They sucked at free throws.

    I think KU can beat MSU on tuesday but the keys to winning might be rebounding and defense and free throws.

  • @Lulufulu

    Normally, when we play Izzo I declare it as a game of attrition. Big 10 ball tends to be rough, and Izzo definitely pushes his guys to play aggressive.

    This year… I declare our game with Izzo as a game of fouling attrition. We are bound to hear a lot of whistles this Tuesday.

    Which team does that favor?

    I believe… it will heavily favor us. We have a veteran squad that has to now realize how important it is to play with their heads as much as with their hands.

    I bet we also have more depth… especially in the post.

    I’m imagining that we will be an open court team this time we play MSU.


    Sorry for shouting that out… but here is my reasoning. This is our best early game for setting coaching strategy. For example, if we can have our guys push the ball like they did against Northern Colorado (and be successful), this may be the strategy we play with all year.

    Can we become a team that is one half Roy, one half Bill?

    I don’t even have to say more, because most readers know what I’m talking about. Can we run an open-court offense but also still have a very good m2m defense? And then let’s throw in a couple of types of presses.

    We will still have to learn how to play effective half court offense. Can’t get around that. But what if we suddenly pick up 12 to 18 ppg off of run outs?

    When I frame it this way, our game with Izzo may still come down to physical attrition. Either way… physical or fouling… we should have the advantage in both cases.

  • Who guards valentine?❤

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Might be Wayne.

    I think the guy that will determine MSU’s play in this game might be Forbes. He has put on weight and strength.

    I’m hoping he gets in foul trouble, especially if they want to set high ball screens with Forbes.

    Notice how many fouls are called every game for illegal screens?

    Every team in the country right now better be focusing on not committing these fouls. Typically, it is a call being made against big men who come out top to set screens, but guards sometimes get caught, too.

  • Speaking of fouls, in their first game MSU committed 14 fouls. The starters committed 4 fouls total. Their opponents committed 11 more fouls than they did - same margin as in our first game.

    Maybe Izzo is just as aware of the rule changes as Self…

  • @drgnslayr. Solid!

    Attrition is definitely going to be a key on tuesday. I also think we have more depth which favors KU. If one thing is certain is that Coach Self is a master at strategy and at hybridizing offenses. It’ll be harder to pick up 12- 18 ppg off run outs against MSU but its definitely feasible. MSU can run with us, its just can we beat them down the court after a steal or missed bucket?

    Its gonna be a HUGE game so early in the season. Great litmus test to see what KU is really made of.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Wayne and Perry can guard Valentine. cuz Valentine is gonna have to check both of them with they are playing SF. Btw, do we think that Perry will see time at the 3 against MSU? Imagine Frank Devonte Perry Bragg Mickelson. I bet that happens again.

  • @ParisHawk

    I am not sure we can infer much from the number of fouls called; unlike the KU game, it looks like not that many fouls were called. It will heavily depend on how the refereeing crew calls the game. A tight called game favor KU since it has a deeper bench and good free throw shooters. If the refs decide to “let the players play” it will favor MSU and its short bench and inferior FT shooting.

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