Coach Self not publicly campaigning for Diallo...

  • But, he totally is. I think it’s awesome. New Bedore column in LJW concerning Cheick Diallo and the NCAA. In the article, Self states:

    “We’ve got to do our job as far as to create a situation in which the process moves in a more favorable direction toward Cheick, if in fact that’s possible, which we 100 percent believe it is. Yes it’s frustrating but at this point in time I don’t have to say anything publicly because that will happen. That’s going to happen. It won’t necessarily have to come from the University of Kansas or the athletic department, but it’ll happen. It can’t help but happen. At some point in time when you see a 6-foot-9-inch kid sitting with a coat and tie on at the end of the bench, every camera that we play at is going to focus and the announcers are going to talk about Cheick. That’s going to happen. That doesn’t mean we’re planting seeds. That’s a fact of the matter. Every game we play (in which he’s) not suited up that’s going to be a topic of conversation. It’s not like we have to do it. Trust me the media will be our mouthpiece without

  • @rocketdog

    Heard Self speak today and he was asked about Diallo. He did everything he could to stay positive and also not slam the NCAA. But he shared his frustration about the amount of time it has taken. This all goes back to April. Evidently, they contacted Kansas in the summer and asked them to provide more information which they did quickly.

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