Review of the new rules

  • Just in case anyone has forgotten about the new rules for this season I thought I’d post a link to them so you can get ready for the games to begin.

    Yes the obvious is the 30 second shot clock and the expanded (Duke) circle, let’s not forget the 10 seconds to get the ball across the half court mark won’t be reset in all situations. Coaches can’t call a live ball TO and they get one less TO in the game.

    Here’s the link.

  • @JRyman

    It will be interesting to see the changes.

    I agree with most of the rule changes. Just weary about the contact rules… it is a big contrast with the other rule changes trying to speed up the game. Meanwhile… if they call 50 or 60 fouls in a game, how slow will that go?

    What they should consider is one of the old International rules… where the ref doesn’t need to touch the ball and set the game on inbounds for many situations. Especially if there will be a lot of foul calls… this will speed up the game considerably on the inbounds and also create plenty of quick offense and penalize the teams that aren’t ready. This keeps the game moving much like soccer does and gets us away from having play reset every play like American football does. It definitely creates exciting basketball plays!

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