Would Appreciate Ideas about TV

  • I’ve had all I can stands (I can’t stands no more) with the commies at Cox - any ideas about Direct TV vs Dish Network? I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

  • We got rid of cox in Jamuary and have been cable and dish free since.

    We do however still have Internet and use AppleTV on our main tv and Roku3 on another along with a smart box DVD player for a spare. I get ESPN on all of them just like negligence and Hulu thanks to using Someone else’s login.

    There are some things I miss but overall I’m pretty happy and what I get to see.

    Plus the new AppleTV that’s coming out looks like it will be a lot easier to use in its interface especially with the voice command. Not that the old one is har but…

  • @nuleafjhawk is it cost or service? I’m an expert on coxs…

  • @nuleafjhawk In the Eastern KS area … K.C. or Overland Park, Olathe, etc. there is NO MORE “Direct TV” as AT&T has bought out Direct TV. This area described above is blocked out of local Jayhawks games !!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Are you really?

    Anway - it’s the COST. Service is rarely bad, but when it is, it’s terrible.

  • Direct tv was my favorite, sadly I left them to watch the Jayhawks after being blackmailed for being in close proximity to my favorite team.

  • I’ve had DirectTV and enjoy it. But not being local, not sure about the issues people have with telecasting Jayhawk games. I use stream2watch.com a lot and I have chr0mecast which allows me to project it onto my TV.

  • @nuleafjhawk my bill went up in sept by 40 bucks. I called and said I couldn’t afford it. They said some promotion I got a year earlier had expired, but they would look and behold there was another special and they reduced it back down lower than before.😱 I asked how I could keep this special and they said next sept I need to ask for specials. It also helps that I was a long time customer-so they said. In other words if you don’t complain they NEVER tell you there are special promotions. It’s such BS! I love getting all the early KU games and pre and post game interviews along w/other KU events.

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