BREAKING NEWS: NCAA To Bring Further Contact Restrictions

  • October 26, 2015

    BREAKING NEWS: In order to bring further safety to college basketball, the NCAA injected additional safety rules that will be enforced in the 2015-2015 seasons for both D1 and D2, men’s and women’s basketball.

    The main additional safety rule will require all players to wear a plastic bubble around their upper body. Nike Inc., has been contracted as the sole manufacturer and distributor of the new plastic bubble wear and will also control all school mascot and uniform brand licensing.


    Basketball sports analysts across the country have been commenting about the new rule change.

    “I am finally satisfied that the game I once tried to play, has been revamped to only consider safety concerns,” said Jay Bilas.

    “The new rules will help level out the game and create complete parity. Finally, Kansas will lose their conference streak,” said Fran Fraschilla.

    “Duke was prepared for this rule change and started a farm system of players using the new bubbles several years ago. I expect that to pay off big and for Duke to win several National Championships in a row now,” replied Dick Vitale.

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