jaybate 1.0's Contemporary Basketball Dictionary

  • Touch foul: phantom call used to keep the score in the point spread

    30 second clock: a way to give referees more possessions to make phantom calls

    Seeding: creating match ups that eliminate small media market teams ASAP

    Video review: lengthy study of a phantom call used to keep a game in the point spread

    High Basketball IQ: can’t jump

    A good motor: a player with more adrenalin than skill

    Coach’s agent: the player’s agent, while the player can’t have an agent.

    School Shoe Contract: school’s promise to sign only players aligned with that same shoe brand

    Recruiting analyst: the communication channel between the recruit and coach, when direct communication is not allowed.

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    Not very athletic: A description I’ve heard often of Wisconsin’s teams. How do a bunch of non athletic people do what they did?

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    I recall posting a story about Calipari where I discussed BigShoe and a player agency firm.

    I wonder if they have injected the need to make D1 a “finesse sport” without contact? It should knock down injuries, which favors the interests of both of these money monsters.

    I hope this isn’t a year determined by the refs more than the players. I’m starting to have my doubts.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Handler: Person in charge of laundering the money trail so the NCAA cannot find evidence of improper benefits or some other such recruiting violation.

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    It is certainly a question worth asking as we look on remotely from the outside in.

    I don’t recall sufficient data yet to answer it reliably.

    My hypothesis would be that it might be one of a complex of drivers moving the sport in the direction it is moving, but not the only driver.

    Life is complex.

    Insurance and long term law suits for effects of playing the game may also be a factor.

    Maybe some influential persons even want to see the game grow less violent, as I, a board rat without influence, do.

    And we are not yet really dealing with Big Gaming in an insightful way IMHO. Big Gaming thrives on predictability to some degree. And all parties to the game would rather see the best players playing than not be playing due to injury. There many be many forces converging to change the game.

    And we know that the players are increasingly NOT coming from the playground environment that was rather harsh in its own way once upon a time. Players are increasingly “developed” from an early age and so represent sunk costs in which their destruction by injury seriously injures financial interests of many.

  • i m searching same.

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    You said the magic word… playground! Where guys go risk serious injury by playing on asphalt or concrete with chain nets. And they do it for nothing more than pride.

    Everything is about “fantasy sports” these days… why do they even have to play a real game? Why don’t we just recruit our players and have them all sit around on a basketball court with gameboys and play other schools?

    I’m pretty sure there is a growing population that would prefer that over a real game anyways. There would be live tweets to add more drama and excitement. Whoppeeeeeee!

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    “Single elimination tournament” - one bowel movement and you are out!

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