Big Blue Nation....

  • Ha hahahehehahe… not THAT blue nation!


    Congrats, Royals, for keeping your composure and getting the job done!

    And thanks for making the Governor of Texas look like the j-ass he is!

    Texas governor’s official account tweets congratulations to Astros for winning ALDS

  • @drgnslayr Did the Royals win the ALDS? I thought they were down 2-1

  • @Lulufulu 2-2. game 5 at the k wed. go royals! Not bbn!

  • Gotta love back to back Blue Octobers. I thought they were done for yesterday…their miracle 8th inning was inspiring.

  • I"ve been pretty much of the opinion that we were destined to lose in the ALDS, regardless of opponent. They had such a great run last season – just seemed like the baseball Gods might just remind us it’s not that easy.

    Certainly enjoyed the ride with the Royals this season regardless (see, I can do that).

  • I almost wrote them off after the past month or so. They just didn’t have the magic that carried them through the summer. Suddenly, they went from being one of the best teams with runners in scoring position, to one of the worst. I think they are back to trying to regain their identity, and hopefully last night inspires them to do it!

    I’ve thought that Houston sort of reminds me of our Royals last year. Young, without experience but driven, focused and playing footloose with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I kind of think the Royals are tasting a bit of what Kansas basketball has to deal with. Now… the expectations are high so they perhaps play a bit stiff and defensive… just trying NOT to lose instead of trying to win. They definitely have become more conservative and they don’t put the pressure on other teams with their speed on the bases.

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