jSPN to produce new reality show: "Nude Recruiting"

  • MEMO

    FROM: jaybate 1.0, CEO/CFO jSPN

    TO: Whom it may concern

    RE: jSPN Productions’ new NUDE RECRUITING show

    After consulting extensively with a consultant from a CBIA (Central Basketball Intelligence Agency) front organization calling itself Public Relations’R’Us Enterprises, I have decided that tawdry and schlocky though it may seem, the next big production of jSPN will be a sports reality program called “Nude Recruiting.”

    jSPN is hurting for money, since we operate entirely without funding. So: we have decided to enter the for profit sports entertainment media market with a reality show in which Division 1 college basketball recruiters peel down to their birthday suits and make in homes with high school/summer game basketball prospects and their parents also completely nude. All of the participants genitalia will of course be pixellated and any swear words used will be beeped. Schools will be paid millions of dollars for agreeing to participate and recruits and their families will be comped shoes. Indications are it will be a huge hit.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I’m pretty sure the show “Naked and Afraid” started like this… as someone’s joke that was taken seriously by a production company.


    Yeah… I’m sure recruits would get hot for Kansas if they received a big naked hug from Self or one of his assistants. Maybe Snacks will come in handy… as a threat.

    Or we can always recruits coeds for the naked hugs… basically pulling a Louisville. Self can then be just like Pitino… left totally in the dark on what recruits do when they visit our school. 😉

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