Royals Join The Big 12....

  • Yes… the Royals need to join the Big 12.

    I know they aren’t considered a “school of higher learning.” But surely they could pick up some tips from “Our Savior” on how to appear like they are a legit school.

    The Big 12 could then OWN college baseball. Then we have another sport where we dominate. Hmmmm… basketball, baseball, track and field… THEN can we cut football? 😉

    Seriously… a big SHOUT OUT to our Kansas City Royals for clinching their division last night! First time since '85!

    Go, Royals!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.23.27 AM.png

  • Congrats from a Sox fan, and boo hoo for Sports Illustrated who picked them to win 74 games and the Indians to win the World Series

  • @drgnslayr But seriously, does KU baseball do anything good? I mean, are they contenders in the division?

    Im still happy for the Royals, proving last year wasnt just a fluke. They got more ballin to do though!

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