BREAKING NEWS: Cheick Receives Adidas Sponsorship, Moves Home....

  • Cheick Diallo is now the richest herder in Mali.

    He recently signed a shoe contract with Adidas, in doing so he cancelled his eligibility possibilities for playing D1 basketball.

    The contract amount has been kept in confidentiality, but speculators estimate it to me in the “10s of millions” because Cheick bought cattle instead of goats.

    Seen in this photo back home, Cheick poses with his herd and an ABBA vinyl record (he apparently is an ABBA fan).


    Really… if I hear one more bogus Cheick rumor, I’ll explode into a million fine particles of drgnslayr… I’ll atomize into a dark cloud and will cover the earth and bring us into another ice age!

    Hey “Twitheadverse”… chill out!

  • @drgnslayr You made my day, man! Did you do the photo shop yourself? Either way, I had to pick myself up off the floor. Well played.

  • @konkeyDong

    Yep… I can do some photoshop when I’m ticked off enough! 😉

  • @drgnslayr The ABBA record was a stroke of genius.

  • ALERT: from the BIA Emergency Basketball Broadcast System

    TO: All agents in the field.

    FROM: Director/janitor jaybate 1.0

    RE: @drgnslayr’s post above about Cheick Diallo

    In one of the strangest intelligence coincidences in BIA history, BIA 6-10 field agent Robert Owanakababe in Zaire station reports that that really is Cheick Diallo in the picture presented by 'slayr and that Cheick really did go home to become a gentleman herder and drill down deep into his ABBA library on the adidas money he banked.

    I repeat, this is not a test of the BIA’s Emergency Basketball Broadcast System. This is a real alert.


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