• What do you make of Kansas losing three of their last four games?

    25% Fluke

    75% Bad sign of things to come

    Time for Self to prove a poll wrong. Looks like KU is written off as the first few loses being a “Bad sign of things to come” per ESPN wording.

  • @truehawk93 I agree with your sentiment. It’s time for the Hawks to show what they are made of. Still, there are other teams who are not losing (and looking bad while doing it). So our ranking is deserved IMHO. Now, when we start winning and others start losing, watch out!

  • Growing pains. The Florida game is the first time ever that KU started 4 freshmen. The team will get much better as the season moves on. Look at the experience we had last year compared to this year starting five:

    Last year:

    McLemore - read shirt FR.

    Johnson - SR.

    Releford - 5th Yr. SR.

    Young - 5th Yr. SR.

    Whitey - 5th Yr. SR.

    Total previous experience counting RS yr. = 16 Years. A tem starting all 5 4 year SRs. would have 15 years of total prior experience.

    This year:

    Mason - FR.

    Selden - FR.

    Wiggins - FR.

    Embiid - FR.

    Ellis - SO.

    Total previous experience - 1 Year. Ellis was not even a starter last year.

    Again, why are so many people surprised with inexperienced freshmen playing like inexperienced freshmen and having issues?

    They will get better and by the March they will be playing at a different level.

  • People (me, anyway) are surprised with inexperienced freshmen playing like inexperienced freshmen because we’re KU and we’re not used to losing.

    I understand it - I just don’t like it. By the way, we will continue to have inexperienced freshmen as long as we keep recruiting players that are only going to BE inexperienced freshmen.

  • Don’t fret @nuleafhawk. The 2005 team with Rush, Chalmers, Wright, Robinson, Kaun and others started the season 3-4 and finished 25-8 including 13-3 in conference play.

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