Inquiring Minds Want to Know.....

  • Just an informal poll - is anyone else sick of hearing

    ** "Now I see why you guys won’t play Wichita State " ** ??

  • Because they won’t make the sweet 16 in our bracket?

  • Omg! Yes! I live to close to Wichita, tired of their ANGRY coach! Worse for me are all the snippy comments from the ksu fans. I never rub it in, and I really can’t say anything, YET.

  • Zero upside for us, sky high upside for them.

    We are not in the business of promoting other teams, even if they are in the same state. We play KSU because they are in the same conference, plus we own Bramlage…or at least it seems like we do.

  • There is no reason to play WSU home and home. At Allen I’m sure something could be worked out, but no way KU goes to Wichita. Waste of a non-con game. Even a two for one is too much to ask. It does nothing for KU in recruiting or expanding viewership.

  • @dylans. The KU Athletic Department has done more to reduce viewership (through the misguided contract with Time Warner) than WSU ever could. ,

  • Before Self came to Kansas, we would have benefited from a home-and-home with WSU. Their gate was decent and would be a definite sell-out for this game. It’s become tougher now because our non-conf is either home games, or some kind of tourney or a big venue.

    Still… I’d like to see us play. I like our chances and I like to own bragging rights for a year with a win. And if we lose it is a loss close to home and can only help put a chip on our shoulders for the rest of the year. And it does help us to play tough mid-majors… the teams we often lose to in March.

    As long as we avoid them, we always get the wrap of being afraid to play… and I hate hearing that nonsense. We have nothing to lose… it’s pre-conf and the Shocks are gaining rep. With the way they develop SOS now, it might as well be the Shocks instead of the Golden Buffs or someone else.

    It would do our current team some good to play the Shocks now. They need to play every style possible between now and March. I can easily see us get beat in March by a mid-major this year (again!).

    Bring on the Shocks! In the long run it could develop into a nice inner-state rivalry and we could use more games with real meaning to them. There was no meaning to our game with Florida… nothing.

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