79 days and counting

  • Im totally jones-ing for the college bball season to start. Anyone else feeling it?
    Heck, im excited to see the NBA again too.

  • I think everyone here is ready. The board has run out of things to talk about, at least until a Cheick ruling comes out.

  • @Lulufulu You had me on-board until you mentioned NBA.

    @wissoxfan83 Yeah, I would guess if you’re a White Sox fan languishing in the dark recesses of MLB standings you would think there is nothing worth talking about. However, for us Royals fans we have plenty to occupy our minds until CBB season hits the hardwood.

  • @wissoxfan83 yeah, even @jaybate-1.0 hasn’t let loose with any new basketball prose.

  • @brooksmd Im so ready for basketball that Id settle for NBA games. Well, that and Im curious to see what Golden State will do this season and what the Timberwolves will do too.

  • While I wait for basketball I am anxious to see how the football teams does…I sincerely hope I don’t lose interest by the fourth game as it has been the case the last few years,

  • @JayHawkFanToo me too! Love going!

  • There is always a calm before a storm!!!

  • @brooksmd Until you see your team with the World Series trophy, I’ve got the upper hand on that one with 2005 still fresh in my mind!!

  • Dog Days, Halcyon Days, Dead Days. Very little to read but for the criminal charges vs. former Jayhawks Taylor and the Morrii. FOE. Any recent word on Withey? Is he still a Pelican? I read that Wiggins earned attention as one of top 5 young NBA players (3 years pro or less) to be considered as future dominant stars of the game, riding the wake of LBJ. Tyshawn feels that NBA should again come knocking. TRob mutters that the League has not yet found the right fit for his game. The Morrii…geez! Paul P. a Clipper? Collison and Hinrich stayed put? Just imagine the dollars that those 3 and Gooden have clocked since departing Lawrence! Xavier still in the League? How about Kaun? Did Cavs pick him up or deal his paperwork? Idle mind meanderings in the Dead Days of August. Perhaps I should check on Iowa State to see if they have yet won a game in their overseas tour.

  • @REHawk

    Here are some answers…

    Withey was give a qualifying offer by the Pelicans that was withdrawn shortly afterwards, so he is now an unrestricted free agent. I don’t believe he has signed with any other team yet.

    Xavier Henry was waived by the Lakers last December after yet a another injury, Achilles this time, and because of his injury history, it is unlikely that throe teams will have much interest. So much potential derailed by injury and what, at this time, looks like a foolish decision to hold before his fist contract.

    Kirk exercised his option for the upcoming season and will likely retire afterwards since he will be 35 and his body is no longer holding up.

    Collison was locked in a long term contract by OK and he is set until retirement.

    Robinson has a two year contract with the Nets so he has at least the next two years to prove he can play in the League.

    Paul is a Clipper and he is reunited with Coach Rivers that coached him with the Celtics. He has a lot of experienced game left in him and Rivers knows him well and will utilize him wisely. A good situation for Pierce.

    Wiggins is well on his ay to stardom as we all knew he would be …

    The twins are now separated and hopefully they can build their own identities. Their legal problems will likely be “settled” with money going to the aggrieved party, as it seems to be the norm in this type of situations.

    Sasha close to signing with the Cavs although there is talk the Nets are interested, and since the Cavs are short on money, they might trade him to another team.

    As far as Tyshawn, this is from Gary Bedore…

    Former KU guard Tyshawn Taylor, who made the news Aug. 6 for being arrested for allegedly passing a counterfeit money order worth $1,000 in Hoboken, New Jersey, had a better July competing in events for the Ball Up basketball tour.

    According to SBnation.com, Taylor won the tour event’s dunk contest in New York, worth $7,500. He also won $2,500 for earning MVP honors of the championship game of the New York Ball Up Million Dollar Challenge Championship. And he won at least $5,000 for playing on the winning team, which received $50,000 to split however it liked.

    Taylor’s Sean Bell All Stars went on to win the Ball Up Million Dollar Summer Challenge in Los Angeles. The team won $500,000 to split between 10 players.

    Looks like things might get better for Tysahwn; he has an NBA worthy game playing for the right team that can use his talent…

    That’s it, that’s all I got… 🙂

  • @JayHawkFanToo Appreciate your thoughtful sharing of knowledge and research. I grow edgy when former Jayhawk stars drift into ugliness and mayhem. I really do hope that TRob keeps his nose clean and finds the right niche with a team which thrives on his good motor. Sad thing, X’s multiple injuries. I remember fondly his near tearful premature departure from Lawrence, worrited and chivied by family and big bucks to zoom off and away to professional contracts. Man O Man, did Roy Wms. ever do a fine job toward the end of his KU tenure, bringing in Hinrich, Collison, Miles, Langford and Simien. Of course, he also left Bill Self strapped with the peregrinations of Giddens. Or rather, GIDDINGS. Which commentator referred to J.R. as Giddings? Knight? I wish for Withey the very best. He, too, deserves just the right niche in order to hang on for several more seasons in the League. And yeah, the twins will probably buy their way out of their current legal troubles. I imagine that Angel will take each by an ear and negotiate a settlement. I never was very comfortable with that FOE braying. And Taylor…well, he never ever was a guy I would trust alone with my granddaughters, or that I could envision loaning $20 to; but his senior year in Lawrence finally became a joy to watch, esp. his last semester when he pressed the pedal to the metal, striving to win an NBA contract in spite of his checkered and mercurial past. If he had possessed, all along, the intensity and determination of Collins or Reed or TRob, O MY! I hope to see Pierce finish his career in a veritable Playoffs Blaze of Glory. Good fit, probably, him and Doc.

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