Proposed: Red Shirt Transfer Tournament aka The D1 D-League

  • Here’s the deal: the NCAA and member institutions, plus Big Shoe, Big Agent, Big Media and Big Gaming are not getting nearly enough out of their players playing on scholarships.

    The players only play 35-40 games per season plus 2 exhibition games, plus international competitions. And they are being housed, fed, weight trained, and educated the year round. The NCAA and its member institutions with their enormous TV and shoe contracts and their gate receipts are getting screwed by these free loading college basketball players hanging on for years trying to get degrees. And these red-shirt transfers that sit and develop their skills for a season without attracting an eye ball or a click are just intolerable.

    It is time to put these red-shirt transfers to work by god!!!

    Every D1 program should start up a team of Red Shirt transfers. Whatever extra players they require could be drawn from their regular season non-rotation players, too. The team would participate in a National Red Shirt Transfer Tournament to be held during the month of August between the international competition season of June-July and before the start of school.

    This Red Shirt Transfer Tournament could be branded with something catchy like the August Angst, or the Late Summer Lunacy. This would energize much more interest in recruiting transfers. The single elimination tournament–with every D1 program invited–would be televised round the clock early on for the games involving 300 plus teams and it would be held in various gambling meccas across the USA.

    The early round games would be played entirely at Indian Casinos. The court would be surrounded by gaming tables. Folding chairs would be set up beyond the tables for paying fans. The early intermediate rounds would be held at cruddy big city gambling casinos in Detroit, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek, Denver, Dead Wood, Tunica, Cinncinatti, Memphis, Mobile, Newark, Trenton, Black Hawk, Laughlin, San Diego, Pensacola, Gulfport, etc. Late intermediate round games would be held in slightly more traditional gambling meccas like Atlantic City, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. The Final Four would of course be held in Las Vegas.

    The really neat twist in this Red Shirt Transfer tournament is that teams and players and coaches would be allowed to bet on themselves, or for other teams, individuals and coaches. This would really spike the unpredictability of game outcomes and thrill fans with the genuine unpredictability of how each game will be thrown. Even referees will be allowed to bet on the games and throw games which ever way they want.

    In the Final Four, each team and its fan base will be allowed one Mafia style hit each on a player or assistant coach of their choosing. Legalized Mafia style hits would be a first for sporting events and be sure to stimulate cross over fans from other sports, especially cock and dog fighting.

    The Red Shirt Transfer Tournament–It is Gamble-tastic!!!

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I got one for you. If Cheick does not qualify can our entire team take a medical red shirt since all our guys are going to be sick?

  • @drgnslayr


    The slogan?


  • @jaybate-1.0

    Music by Blood, Sweat & Tears…

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