Adidas Post Game Thoughts.

  • well guys, how many watch the games last night on ESPNU? Would love to hear ya all’s feedback, thoughts. I saw three that I think would be nice # 1 Jarrett Allen I believe his name is, would be a solid but yet far from one and done, think in a couple of years could be very solid for us, then obviously Fergurson they keep talking that he is probably the best 3 pt shooter in the class although didn.t really get untracked last night , then # 3 was REALLY impressed with the Gabriel kid I believe is his last name hope that’s right. would be nice to get those 3 in here, as a side note saw on 247 yesterday and BOY have we lost ground on Josh Jackson mercy couldn’t believe it. it was 46% KU to 38% Arizona, now its 50 % Arizona and 36 % KU not looking good hope we can get that turned around, although I don’t believe no matter we wouldn’t get Terrance and Josh both, would be one or the other, anyways ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY let me hear ya

  • @jayballer54

    Gabriel is quoted as saying KU will be one of his 5 visits. He grew up a Duke fan, if Duke makes him the priority they probably have the inside track.

  • @jayballer54 Don’t fret too much about those crystal ball predictions. Most of the people making them have no specific knowledge about where kids are leaning. Arizona may indeed be a slight leader in Jackson’s recruitment, but his top 2 are still KU and UofA, and the distance between us isn’t that great. Either way, I wouldn’t sweat it. Jackson isn’t likely to choose until the spring, and by then we’ll know who’s staying or going between our 2/3s. In the meantime, Terrance Ferguson is slated to choose soon, and KU is the heavy favorite in that one, so even if we miss on Jackson, we’ll be loaded at the wing for the foreseeable future (Greene, Vick, Ferg, maybe Seldon/Svi).

    Allen is a kid we’ve offered, but made no real push for. Smart is the one pursuing him the hardest. Gabriel is someone who I’ve mentioned would be enviable to have. He’s at least a 2 year guy right now, possible 3 year, but he’s already a very skilled shooter and finisher, and he’s got a great motor to boot. Adding weight, working on his back-to-the-basket game, and developing as a rim protector are what he needs to work on. His recruitment is really taking off, so nobody knows exactly where we are on that one. My guess is he’ll lean Duke, but they may add a couple bigs ahead of him (specifically Giles, possibly Bolden too), and will have Sean Obi and probably Chase Jeter too, so it’s anybody’s game at this point.

  • @konkeyDong

    When Gabriel gets an offer from Duke I bet that becomes the one thing that pushes his recruitment that way. Usually if you grow up a Duke fan and then they offer you, your not turning it down. I’m glad he at least has interest in KU but I’m thinking no matter how crowded a front-court they have he will go there. Giles is in the bag for them, so is Frank Jackson.

    If we can get him to Late Night or in for a visit around a decent game that could help us. We don’t have a lot of post targets at the moment that we logically have a chance with. And this kid is still improving so maybe he’s like T-Rob on the high school circuit where he came out of nowhere and KU locked in on him. I also wonder how much he will remember the other schools that were recruiting him before he shoots up the rankings any-day now.

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