Adidas making move$

  • Here’s the link to the article ESPN wrote about Adidas making a move to sign Harden for a cool 200 Mil!

    Harden would have been the MVP this year had Curry fever not run rampant. Btw, I voted for Curry in one of those public polls. That aside, it seems like Adidas letting Nike take their NBA contract may have freed Adidas up to sign higher profile players for megamillions, presumably increasing their exposure and revenues in the future. With Wiggs, Lillard and Harden and Rose who I think is also Adidas, those star players can make Adidas some boocoo mega bucks.

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  • @Lulufulu heard they signed oubre too.

  • @Lulufulu and @Crimsonorblue22,

    If adidas paid $200M to Harden AND has Wigs and Oubre, KU could become a very desirable place to spend an OAD year.

    As an aside, I am not usually stunned by a high number for an athlete, but $200, 000, 000 is a lot of bones to pay someone to say nice things about a shoe…even about shoes, shirt and shorts.


  • That’s a lot of money to give a serial flopper. A free throw artist; he makes it an art to get to the line.

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