NBA World game

  • A few thoughts from watching the NBA World team vs the NBA Africa team.

    I love basketball just as much in August as I do in November. Its officially the best sport ever. I mean, which sport has the positive impact upon society that basketball does? This single game in Africa has been historic in many ways. Breaking boundaries, bringing people together for the love of the sport.

    Seeing Mutumbo and Olajuwan on the court together for the Africa team was very cool!

    The announcers were talking about Olajuwan and Mutumbo’s impact on the sport and segued into talking about our favorite lion killer JoJo Embiid. They gave him some love, seemed to genuinely hope he gets healed and gets a chance to get on the court to prove himself.


  • @Lulufulu

    With todays current events bragging about being a lion killer is not too wise!!

  • @wissoxfan83 Perspnally I think that affluent dentist needs his ass kicked…JMO

  • @wissoxfan83 Of course.

  • Before JoJo is allowed back on the African continent he’ll probably have to notarize a commitment not to obliterate the lion population; wear shoes and restrain his activities to heavily populated areas and civilized sports facilities.

  • @REHawk maybe the only thing Embiid can fall back on-lion hunting.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Right now, he would have to get one of those Segway scooters or a golf cart to help him hunt lions. Imagine JoJo all dressed in tribal hunting clothes, shouldering a 7 ft spear and riding in a golf cart? 😆

  • @REHawk

    Your funny take about the lions and Jo Jo in Africa reminded me of a hilarious segment I watched on Top Gear, the car review TV show produced in England and shown on BBC America. If you love cars, and wacky British humor, you have to watch this show. But even if you don’t love cars and wacky British humor, you have to watch the episode about the Top Gear host test driving a 10-ton “Marauder” armored military vehicle built in South Africa. Imagine how much bigger a US military Humvee is than a Volkswagen Beetle, then imagine a military vehicle that much bigger than a Humvee; that is the Marauder. The Top Gear host drives it through a McDonalds mowing down all of the lane marker reflector posts, then goes for a spin in the city and bowls through the wall of an abandoned brick building, then parks it on lion preserve, where three full grown lions climb onto it and gnaw on the windshield wipers, but can harm nothing else, then intentionally double parks it in a city street till a police tow truck backs up, fastens a tow cable and starts to tow it away, only to have the Top Gear host put the Marauder in gear and drive away dragging the police tow truck behind him!!! At one point they park the Marauder and set off an IED under a parked General Motors Hummer that completely destroys the Hummer, then detonate an identical IED under the Marauder. It explodes and when the flame, smoke and dust clears the right rear tire is flat and sunk in a blast crater about 4 feet deep, but the Marauder starts right up and after spinning wheels for some traction crawls right out of the crater and drives on with the tire reflating automatically!!!

    If Jo Jo gets his game back and becomes the star that we all know he could be if healthy, then Marauder ought to sign him as a spokesman. I can just see him being visited by his old coach, Bill Self, who starts taunting him about lions and asking if he has finally bought himself a car? Jo Jo takes him out to the driveway and shows him the Marauder. Cut to them driving along and Self cracking that its quite a vehicle alright. Then Self says, “But how does it handle lions?” Cut to Jo Jo and Self sitting in the Marauder with three giant lions climbing around on the outside of the Marauder. Cut back inside to Jo Jo and Self. “Now you see I wasn’t kidding about the lions,eh? What do you think, Coach?” Self looks at a lion roaring at him through the windshield and says,“Not bad, Joel, but don’t roll down the windows.”

    Here is a link to the segment on You Tube.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Flabbergasted by the power of the Marauder!! Taking an IED hit and driving away?? Bigger than a military HumVee??

    Comparison: Marauder is to HumVee what 2014 Legendary Godzilla is to 1956 Toho Godzilla, or to 1998 hollywood Zilla.

    Thats just awesome.

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