Royals- Who goes down?

  • With Cueto and Zobrist set to join the team, who do they send down? Which starting pitcher? Or does Guthrie become a long reliver? Cutberth to go back down for Zobrist? or would someone like a Paulo Orlando go?

  • @clevelandjayhawk I think they have options with both Cuthbert & Orlando so they are likely travelers. Blanton will have to go on the waiver wire & surely someone would claim him. Tough break if it’s Paulo-he’s been a key player most of the year with Rios being on the DL for so long. Young will likely go back to the pen so the rotation will be Cueto, Volquez, Ventura, Duffy & Guthrie. Post season they’ll go to a 3-4 man rotation with the weakest one going to the pen. On the bright side the roster expands in Sept, so we can get some guys needed rest or healing & deserving guys like Orlando can return. With 3 more days till the inter league deadline I’m not ready to say we are the definitive AL favorite with players like Price & Hamels still available, but right now no one is in front of us. Dayton Moore & the front office have stepped up & done their jobs as best they could, so now it’s up to the guys on the field to bring home the bacon… & like any coach at any level, Ned has decades of exp as a catcher, coach & manager, plus he has balls to make the gutsy calls like double steals, hit & runs, & squeeze plays & he has to put them in the best positions to succeed. We would’ve most likely won the central without Cueto or Zobrist, but I really do like our chances to win just one more game than we did last year.

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