Deep under a Heap

  • Same 'ol same 'ol on Saturday. Quick start, then quicksand.

    Let the arguments begin. Is it the oline, wr, or qb? Many fans wiser than me feel it is a mix of all three, but I can’t get past watching Heaps become a statue under a decent pass rush. Nobody has all day to throw in the Big 12. You need to have a reliable option, and Heaps just doesn’t.

    Cozart has options. He just needs some significant pt to get comfortable. Let HIM fail for awhile and see if something clicks. Let him stand back there and survey the receivers. At least if the pocket caves he has a chance to extend the play. Heaps just falls down. Let Cozart run that rollout. Let him run a couple well timed QB draws. Mix in the read option. Cozart has options!!

    Until we do something…

    “We are at the bottom of the Heap.”

    “We are in Heaps of trouble”

    “A Heap of a mess” -KGphoto (somebody had to go there ; ) )

    Hey, I’m a QB guy. Sue me. I’ve always believed a good QB can find ways to overcome a team’s deficiencies. The QB is the one guy who is in a position to make the players around him better. Whether its with his arm, legs, brain or sheer willpower. This team goes as far as the QB takes us, and Jake has had his shot.

  • I agree TOTALLY!! Doesn’t seem like we’re getting any closer to winning in the ffotball program. I say we get a coach from the SEC or a top assistant from that conference. It’s the toughest in football year in & year out. Obviously this isn’t working cause we get the same excuses after every blow out loss!!

  • With Weis, it’s always the penthouse or the outhouse. I’ve followed ND FB for many years & he literally was run out of Southbend on the rail. A great deal of it is his aggressive, unpersonable, & frustrated attitude he displays to the public & media. My son & wife just moved back here from there, so my immediate reaction would simply be change the subject to humor, so here is a shot… I know we’ve all heard of Bum Philip’s funny antidotes, but my favorite is this…please forgive me if I slightly mis quote- “Why sure, I always take my wife on road trips cause she’s just too damn ugly to kiss goodbye.” For all of the youngsters that don’t know, he was a great players coach & all around good guy from the old AFL days. Also a top notch FB coach too. IMO, Charlie has become a victim of the Peter Principal. Just sayin…

  • Jake Heap is an improvement IMHO. And the team as a whole is better this year and I see improvement each week. The Jayhawks may not win many games this year but I’ll still be watching them when I can.

    I have warmed up to Coach Weis over time. He doesn’t duck and dodge, at least when he is talking on Hawk talk. I’m willing to give him more time to improve the team.

  • We need continuity on offense. I have seen Heaps hit too many receivers right in the hands/numbers (many of which have been dropped) to lay all the blame at his feet. The offensive line showed improvement saturday, an despite stretches of ineptitude the offense in many ways looked the best it has this season against one of the best defenses we have faced. Give it a few weeks for the coaching staff to settle into their new roles and the line to continue to gel and I believe we will see substantial improvement, hopefully right in time for the softer portion of the schedule.

  • We may as well try some things out with Cozart. I do not think that Heaps is terrible but the offense doesn’t seem to be going anywhere with him. Also, we already wasted Cozarts redshirt so there is no reason not to keep using him.

  • I believe that with our talent level we need a very mobile QB. I think our offense would greatly improve with a TT style spread. Think about what sims and miller could do in that style. Then you throw in brandon to pound down the dl. Cozart fits the bill for the best qb in that system. I would also make wider splits in the linemen. This would allow them to use their speed more than their size for now. just my 2 cents.

  • KU football is VERY “Deep under a Heap.” Who cares anymore ?? Wake me up when they start winning again !! Ho Hum !!

    KU “IS” a Basketball University (both Ladies & Men) !!

  • So you don’t support jayhawk athletics. Just the teams that win. Got it.

  • Ive been a KU Basketball fan since '88. I love the sport. Basketball has so much more grace and finesse associated with it, so much more strategy. I was happy when KUFB won the Orange Bowl in '08. But I couldn’t give a rats posterior about KUFB now. Especially since they are completely laughable. Maybe if they get to .500 some year, I might pay a bit more attention to it. But seriously, who wants to cheer for a team that everyone knows is going to get beat by 30 points a game?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Soooo if ku bb goes below 500… Rock Chalk KU sports!

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