Vick looks like a Gazelle

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    Ok so I know the kid isn’t getting much play, and that he looks quite skinning. Yet man this kid looks like liquid gold to me. I don’t know if he’ll get the playing time this year? Yet man this kid looks good. I have to believe with a little time with the great Hudy to bulk up for the physical style of college ball. I think this kid will be the biggest diamond in the rough that we have never seen.

    Am I wrong?

  • A 6’5" guard that can hit from the outside? A team can never have enough of those…although it looks like KU might. If his defense can catch up to his offense, I can see him getting decent playing time.

  • I noticed on the play where he canned the first 3 that he followed his shot and was the first one into the lane to get his rebound if it didn’t go in. Quick first step. Love that he has had this experience and has gotten some “freshman jitters” worked out.

    Gonna be great season for us fans! 💥 ❗ 😃 👍 🏀 ❤

  • I heard or read somewhere that when Vick decided to de-commit from SMU that Larry Brown called Bill Self and advised him to jump on this kid pronto. Sounds like a great tip. Lagerald and Carlton are playing with lots of energy. Toss Diallo in with that threesome and this could turn into one of Self’s very best and most exciting recruiting years.

  • @REHawk I ❤ Larry Brown

  • @DoubleDD


    No, you are not wrong! 🙂

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