He called me, too!

  • “Bill Clinton called John Calipari to talk basketball”


    That’s hilarious and coincidental… because Bill Clinton has been calling and tweeting me for months asking for my ham&beans soup recipe.

    I know what he’s really up to… he’s after my cornbread recipe!

    @drgnslayr1 - I got a great call at 3 o’clock yesterday from @billclinton. We spoke for about 20 minutes.

    @drgnslayr1 - He knows me, he knows my ups and downs, and he knows when I’ve got to go. He really tried hard to come over for Thanksgiving for a bowl of beans, which I appreciate

    @drgnslayr1 - @billclinton also told me he wants to come to a game in Lawrence. I hope he does so he can get my recipe in person.

    @drgnslayr1 - It’s always good hearing @billclinton’s voice. I appreciate him reaching out to say hello. He must have found out how good my beans were from @gwbush . Amazing how word gets around!

  • No, seriously, what’s the recipe?

  • Name drop much, Cal?

    I guess he’s not that interesting himself.

  • It was as safe a lie to tell as mine… because Bill Clinton is not going to waste time denying a conversation that didn’t exist. I seriously doubt Clinton cares about Kentucky basketball or knows their ups and downs. It’s so ridiculous and clearly is a big pile of pig snit, even more than what is in my beans recipe. Oops… I gave away my secret ingredient!

    Someone has a severe case of wannabe!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don’t think they played bball in Hope. Cal should’ve dropped Barry’s name. At least he plays bball and makes his national picks in March with Katz. But not too many people are name dropping Barry’s name these days. Barry’s not a very popular guy right now.

  • I am not surprised, after all they have a lot in common. They are both pros at what they do, both are consider to be near the top of their respective fields and both are sleaze-balls. Compared to Clinton and the squid, Barry is just an incompetent amateur wannabe.

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