• Thats what it should be. KUSA. The announcers say team USA but we all know its team K USA.

    Anyways, Im watching mid way thru the second half of the Brazil game. I wanted to echo some earlier statements and add a couple of my own thoughts.

    Selden is breaking out. He’s been called small at 6’5" 230lbs on the wing and technically, yes he is shorter than a small forward. But, he is basically the same size as Rush and Releford but he is stronger and heavier. Dude could be playing football. He is just a beast out there.

    Our front line minus Perry really has no offensive punch. Lucas, Mickelson and Traylor do have moments of greatness, hustle plays etc, but to rely on them next season for points is insane. What we do need from them is experience and leadership from being upperclassmen. They need to help guide Bragg and Diallo into being better all around.
    Its that level of experience and talent in our front court that will push us over the edge next season.
    I mean, so far into the WUG’s our bigs have been outsized and out reached by both the opposing teams’ taller longer bigs and we are beating them on the boards fairly soundly.
    That kind of toughness and hustle is needed for us to be a top 10 team next season and those same elements are needed to be taught to Diallo and Bragg for us to be even better.


  • It’s fun watching them just play basketball.

    No AP ranking or Big 12 streak on the line. Just playing basketball and it’s fun to see.

    Been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of playing in this event.

    After seeing two games, the only downside I can see is the risk of serious injury.

    Otherwise this is a major advantage.

    Been some discussion as to how the rest of the team will integrate, but I think Diallo is the only one who will be left out…and a high energy game should fit in just fine. Effort and a prolific shot blocker always find a home in Self’s line-up, even if they make miscues.

    Graham and Svi already have built chemistry and Colesby sits out this year anyway.

    Bragg and Vick walked in to the perfect storm…a full month of practice and games with their college team and college coach before they even start the fall term. They’ll hit the ground running and be light years ahead of the typical freshman in the Self system.

    I am glad we are playing and proud we are doing USA proud!

  • Random Thoughts:

    • Hunter was the best big man today, and it wasn’t close. He was active, aggressive, engaged. He defended pretty well, came up with several steals/blocks, and shot the ball well. Landen kept missing entry passes, and was pulled - never to be seen after the 1st quarter.

    • Jamari looked like Tyshawn… great play …bone head play…great play…etc. He looked better than the Turkey game, but he still looks like a grade schooler with the ball for the first time ever at times - he just can’t wait to throw it away.

    • Frank is just a monster weapon for us. He got more hip checks than a hockey game, but still managed to have simply a beautiful game. What a complete player he is is becoming.

    • It really is truly becoming Wayne’s World. I give KUBUCKETS credit for convincing Coach to get Wayne off the ball, and nestled safely at the 3, and man were we right ! ( Our normal record for predictions as a group is normally around 10% right, so we have every right to crow). Wayne, I’m sorry for all the mean things I thought when you were playing the 2.

    • Perry was quiet, but very effective. Hope the injury doesn’t linger.

    • I think Bragg needs to lose the head gear.

    • Vick was very good on the offensive end. That dagger in the heart 3 he made to put the game away showed some real ice water in the veins. Instant offense off the bench.

    In a nutshell, we played a bigger, older team today, and shook off the 75 or so fouls Brazil committed. Our defense locked them down- you wanna play rough…we can play rough, and win.

  • I couldn’t be any happier that all the new rules haven’t been a hinderince to the players and minus a couple of shot clock violations, they (and the coaches) have done well with the shorter time. Where they need to get better is on their side/corner shots as they have been on the line several times. Still a joy to watch them gell as a team and not back down or play hesitant.

    👏 👏

  • @RockChalkinTexas Where they need to get better also is Turn Overs. Sixteen vs Turkey looks great compared to 22 vs Brazil who had 13. I know some of those can be attributed to the more aggressive (to be polite and pc) style of European basketball. One thing for sure, WUG will definitely have them ready for any Big 10 teams they have to face this year.

  • @KUSTEVE Agreed on all points! Hunter was solid for us today. He can hit the mid range jumper, block, rebound, steal, blockout and pass. All hustle. I was impressed.

    Jamari = Tyshawn so far

    Frank = Sherron Collins. Period. Ive been saying it since last season.

    Wayne’s World! Party on!

    I think Perry will be fine. We were up late, Self kept him out just to be cautious. I saw him walk off the court without a limp after the game was over.

    Vick! Kid was a stud today. Good to see things clicking early for him.

  • @brooksmd Big 10, Big 12, UK at home. We’ll be ready and ahead of most every other team in terms of experience and practice with the new rules.

    GOnna be a fun season. I already like the game better. Faster, more possessions, more points, except for the Turkey game. Yah, I know, its Fiba rules but the similar rule changes to NCAA will be good for the game I think.

  • @brooksmd Agreed on the to’s.

    Think it makes having to play Huggy ball easier for us? And ISU?

  • It was very hard not to notice that Traylor had just 2 rebounds in 19 minutes vs. Brazil, while Nic Moore managed 3 rebounds in 10 minutes of play.

    That’s 3 rebounds by Traylor in 37 minutes vs. Turkey and Brazil, which is .081 per minute played.

    Of all the things I’ve witnessed in basketball, Traylor’s inability to rebound (as a post player in prime position to do so) is perhaps one of the most puzzling.

  • @HighEliteMajor On the other hand, Mickelson has impressed me. He is no Aldrich or Withey or Embiid by any means but last night he had 8 boards, a couple good put backs, soft touch around the rim for 11 points. I swear I thought he had a block or 2 but the box score didnt show it.

  • @HighEliteMajor How many boards would’ve Diallo had in 19 minutes? Or, a healthy Bragg with some seasoning? Help is coming…

  • @HighEliteMajor

    “That’s 3 rebounds by Traylor in 37 minutes vs. Turkey and Brazil, which is .081 per minute played.”

    He has lots of energy and he spends it in the wrong places. Here is a guy starving for lack of basketball IQ. He continues to make some really bad plays, getting caught in the air without a clear opening for a pass, dumb fouls, completely not capitalizing on scoring options he has nor using his energy to screen off boards for easy rebounds…

    I watch him and I know that we don’t run proper rebounding drills. He should get help from the very basic 2-on-2 drill that every team should run from 3rd grade on. You’ve got some shooters passing the ball around on the perimeter 3-line and one takes a shot while 2-on-2 has to fight for positioning and the rebounds. Isolation rebound training. With coaches shouting out your mistakes. It makes rebounders out of anyone very quickly. I don’t think Jamari knows this common drill because with his strength, hustle and athleticism, he should be owning the boards, even if the shot is going up and he is on the outside from setting a high ball screen.

  • @drgnslayr I love your point about proper rebounding technique. I’ve seen Traylor, more times than I can count, simply trot to the rim after a shot. He doesn’t locate his man and put a butt in his thighs, he doesn’t attack an offensive player to keep them from rebounding (which creates opportunity to rebound). Much of the time, he’s very upright. This makes him much easier to move on contact.

    When you mention basketball IQ, one element is understanding simple geometry and the angle of the shot, or understanding how a ball is going to react with a certain trajectory. That make be an area in which he’s lacking. He seems to overrun rebounds sometimes, meaning he is moving quickly to the hoop and reaches back over his head, out of position. He’s more horizontal in his attack than vertical sometimes.

    The point that @KUSTEVE made on another thread puzzles me as well … “I can’t explain it- why does he pull Landen after mishandling two entry passes, and keep Jamari in after he makes bonehead play after play?”

    It is almost as if Traylor’s bungling means nothing sometimes. Traylor seems to get more rope than a normal non-OAD would.

    I think your point on that same thread about Traylor offering speed is one explanation. He is the fastest of the three. He does get up and down the court. That is certainly one of his attributes.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    For whatever reason, Jamari gets his minutes over Landen and Hunter… My only explanation is his energy level is higher. On occasion he makes a few big plays and they help spark the team. I don’t want to get all over Jamari, but it appears he will get a great deal of minutes this year and we really need better play out of him.

    I think I keep hoping that at some point it is just going to “click” and he gets it.

    “He seems to overrun rebounds sometimes…”

    I made a huge post about this last year, even to the point of challenging one of Jesse’s posts. I showed clips of Jamari overrunning the goal and was standing either directly under the goal or even more towards the baseline when the rebound came off. Not sure why he would think the ball would end up in “no-man’s land”… To be honest, it is very embarrassing when he does this.

    I plan to post a lot this year on coaching up Jamari. He will be getting lots of PT and he is a resource we are not maximizing off the gifts he has… which is energy, strength, athleticism and post quickness. He may not be a big scorer… but if you consider what assets he does bring to the game, we should be very satisfied with his production. He should be a Kevin Young player on steroids! I want to see that kind of Jamari Traylor!

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