• Dropped to 6 in AP poll and 7 in Coaches poll.

  • They must have watched our games.

  • Duke dropped to 10. OK State dropped to 9. Baylor dropped to 20. UNC not ranked.

  • Watched the Shockers yesterday against StL, Gottlieb was the announcer and did a great job. He likes the new block/charge call against the secondary defender. And he hates the new hand check rule. He’s my 2nd favorite OSU guy.

  • “He’s my 2nd favorite OSU guy.”

    Who is first? I’m thinking Barry Sanders. That guy was amazing, and smart enough to leave the league while he could still spell his name.

    I’ve got Barry at 1. If T.Boone would throw me a bone I’d consider him up there. Where are all those electric windmills he was promising!

    BTW: Go Shocks!

  • Who is first?

    I’m guessing it was a below average guard on the basketball team named William Self. 😉

  • Ha… I suffered a mind fart! Guess it was all the ham and beans.

  • William Self Jr is number one. T. Boone would be 2nd if he’d give me his couch change (estimated $27.3 million).

  • I’m pretty sick of the polls this early in the season. MSU will lose soon enough. Zona will definitely drop a few too. I don’t see a clear favorite right now. It’s too early.

    Our ranking is about right at #6? We’ll move up to #4 soon and hopefully can stay there most of the season. We’ll be up and down between 8-4 over the next few weeks through January and hopefully the guys will find their identity and when they do, I pity the teams they play when they break out of this funky talent slump.

    I see Wigs busting out at some point for 30+. I wonder when he’ll hear, “Overrated…Overrated…”? I’m thinking it’s going to be in Stillwater as the Pokes support Smart’s comments.

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