Jake Heaps

  • Interesting story by KU alum Jayson Jenks in the Seattle Times about the rise and fall of Jake Heaps. From 5-star qb recruit to a guy who washed out at three NCAA schools, to a longshot to make an NFL roster.


  • @nwhawkfan I read that, what a sad story! I follow him on twitter, he’s an upbeat, hardworking kid. I hope he can find success, wherever it may be.

  • Yeah, I wish him well, too. After reading this I feel like KU was getting emotionally damaged goods from Jake’s BYU experience. You also have to wonder how much the whole situation had to do with his folks’ marriage falling apart.

  • Too many expectation placed on him by parents trying to live vicariously though him. Sometimes we lose track of how young these kids really are when they get to college and expect them to act like mature adults; the result is not always good.

    Hopefully he can still realize his dream or maybe go into coaching; he seems to have likable personality which always is a big plus.

  • @nwhawkfan

    Jake Heaps rhymes with Ryan Leaf!

    What is it about them Pacific Northwesterners anyway?

    Maybe the country is just too beautiful to leave?

    Maybe the fishing just can’t be replaced elsewhere?

    Or maybe, just maybe, Jake decided taking shots in the head and early onset Alzheimer were not a good way stay among the human beings.

    Or maybe, as Chief Dan George once said in Little Big Man, “Some days the medicine is strong and some days it is not.”

  • Jake Heaps: Broke a LOT of frosh records at BYU, but then the offense gets changed, so he sits…and thus the transfer.

    Comes to KU for Weis’ pro-style offense, but as Dayne Crist found out the hard way: KU’s O-line and WR’s are simply unable to execute ANY type of effin’ offense. The same o-line and WR issues felled BOTH of KU’s former 5star overall #1 ranked QBs. Wrong place, wrong time.

    A very sad chapter in KU football, with simply not enough talent around Dayne and Jake to allow them to shine. Our football program FAILED them in their final shot. Thanks, Lew!

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