ESPN: More Like Jabari!

  • News flash! ESPN loves Duke! Parker better than Wiggins, but not better than Jack Taylor!

    Read all about why Jabari is more awesome here.

  • So does that mean he shouldn’t play D?

  • It all comes with the turf. I knew that SI cover wouldn’t go unchecked…

    From what I’ve seen so far, one of the comments on that article made sense. So far, Andrew has mostly been a spin move. And he does have dribbling issues sometimes. Recently he has shown us a fade away jumper, too. If you compare games with Parker, Parker shows more well-rounded skills. Doesn’t mean it will end up that way in March though.

    Andrew is the better athlete, by far… but he needs to work on his toolbox. If he had more tools, he wouldn’t be passing off the ball all the time, he would be pushing it to the hole.

    I’m happy to read the criticism. The honeymoon is over for Andrew. He said he was ready to accept the responsibility of the big lights. It’s showtime and it is time he performs to his ability.

    There is plenty he can do right now to lift his game. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Andrew’s toolbox isn’t going to be filled before Christmas. But he can start hustling and take over games with his hustle. Does anyone in here remember Kevin Young? I suggest Andrew’s first move to improve is to take a trip to the KU file room and watch tape on Kevin Young.

    Imagine what Andrew Wiggins could do if he had Kevin Young’s hustle? Look what Kevin Young did with it! Andrew’s athleticism jumps right over Kevin’s.

    I’ve said it all along… that a big part of Andrew’s game should come off of hustle plays; offensive rebound put backs, 50/50 ball recoveries, steals, blocks… He can build a pile of stats through hustle alone. Then let the rest of his game unfold during the year. He has at least two wicked scoring moves now… and others will develop. But he has to go to work in the gym. He needs to take a coach with him.

    Andrew’s draft position will largely be about potential. He doesn’t have to have all the slick moves Jabari has. But he better show his attitude is right. He better show he’s ready to lead a team. He better be out-hustling everyone… including Mason! That’s what it takes at the top. It isn’t all about athleticism… it’s about what you do with it. The NBA won’t teach him to lead… won’t teach him to fight for more than his share of 50/50 balls… won’t teach him to take over games…

    It’s showtime, Andrew… don’t leave your game in the dressing room!

  • @drgnslayr Spot on!

  • Honestly, when I saw Parker play in the Duke game, he was a 6’8 235lb frosh-beast…my vote for the “next Lebron” (will easily gain 15lbs in 3-4yrs to be a 250lb “beast”). Wiggins could have hit 25-27pts in the Duke game (instead of his 22) as he sat much of the 1st half with 2 fouls–> but you can see Wiggins is a different type of 6’8 player than Parker is. Repeating theme is Self gets “his type” of humble, reserved players, that we have to ask to be aggressive (Rush, Xavier, McLemore, Wiggins). They know Self is about team-ball, so I think they have to learn from Self when he wants them to attack, and when he wants them to play within the team offense. Glad we got Wiggins, just give him time. Nice kid, just needs time in SelfBall.

  • @drgnslayr and @Case Second that!

  • One of the announcers at the KU-UTEP game said…at this point Wiggins is just an athlete with no basketball skills, which is an extreme and incorrect exaggeration…you can take it with a grain of salt because he also said when KU was ahead by 5 and 1 free throw left…if he makes this free throw it will be a two possession game; really? Since when a 5 point lead is not a 2 possession game?

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