What About Our Old Friend, Tyrel Reed?

  • Question: Is Tyrel Reed qualified for WUG?

    If so, he’s the guard to add for WUG. He stays in excellent condition, knows the Self playbook, has plenty of International experience, and would be like adding a coach instead of another newbie. A man playing with boys. Curious if he is qualified for WUG? Anyone know?

  • @drgnslayr

    I already posted on the other thread, Tyrel is too old and not eligible.

  • Ya, Tyrel left after 2011 with the MorrisHawks, too old now. His last KU game was VCU, one that he’d love to vindicate, I’m sure. We sure could have used another combo guard like Reed or Selby in our 2012 Tourney Run ending at the hands of KY. Connor Teahan was the 1st guard off the bench, and a frosh Naadir, along with bigs KYoung and Justin Wesley.

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