Happiness is a Warm Gun (Yes it is)

  • Yesterday a few of us had a discussion about guns and gun control issues. Probably an issue that doesn’t belong on this site, but one that was pretty lively for a while.

    What I got from the whole conversation is this: If we (our society) could all be mature enough to talk about things, like the people on this site, we would live in a virtual paradise. Not everyone agreed about everything yesterday, but people were allowed to voice their opinions, I don’t recall any name calling going on (but then again my wife says my memory is as short as my …paycheck) and we got through it all. Good job Kubucketeers! You all are the reason why this is my favorite place on the internet

    Only 3 more days until we can watch some KU basketball !!

  • @nuleafjhawk Y’all must’ve hid it in a thread about something else. My take is you can have all the controls and laws you want, but the only one’s affected will be good people. Bad people will always find a way to wreak their havoc. Case in point, the worst school attack in the history of the US was caused by a bomb, not a hand gun, not a so-called assault rifle. I prefer to rely on myself to protect me and my family, not the authorities.

  • I’ve found that about 10% of people are venamently against hunting; 10% are hugely in favor of hunting; 80% just don’t care. (I’m in the 80%) The problem is the 20% of highly opionized folks are doing all the talking because they are the passionate ones.

    Carrying guns is more devicive, but without doing more involved surveys I would guess that it’s 20-30% of the poeple who strongly care and are making noise. You start threatening to take away guns and the percentage of people who care would go up. Just as after every gun tragedy the anti-gun voices get louder.

    I wish there was a way to better control who can fire a gun. Finger print locks are not very great yet. Bio-metric locks will get better. The real solution is for society to have better morals, better values, and to love one another. Then guns can be the tools/entertainment they can be on their best day!

  • @dylans And the media, realizing the opportunity for enhanced ratings, amplifies the voice of vocal extremists (and omits the voice of quiet moderates), giving the false appearance to the public that we are all extremists. This leads politicians and other public figures to believe that they will only be heard if they espouse extremist positions and denounce entirely the position of the other side. And this leads some of the public to mouth similar extremism, and most of the public to feel profoundly disconnected from the positions that their leaders voice, wondering why our politicians all feel so fake and Washington is in perpetual gridlock.

    It’s time we take this country back from Big Media and their associated corporate interests, and find our way back to moderate, reasonable beliefs (which does not mean espousing more and more radical extremist beliefs in order to “find a middle ground” that was in fact the target destination of our personal agenda).

    I’m agnostic, but I firmly believe we need morals that are pretty much in line with most of the reasonable tenets of the major religions. We should do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves. We should seek balance in our lives. We should love our neighbors.

    We are worth more than our purchases. We are worth more than our vote. We are each a unique reflection of the human condition, all similar and all dissimilar. Our lives are to be filled with our experiences and connections, not to be exploited by others’ interests and consumed by their tireless agendas. We deserve to be encouraged to pursue long and fulfilling lives, and derive our own meaning from them.

    Onward, upward. Let the future be great.

  • @approxinfinity Swish !! If guns were banned only criminals would have them & all would be dependent on law enforcement for protection…heaven help the law abiding citizens then…JMO

  • As someone who works in the midst of a dangerous neighborhood (9 homicides in last three years) I say there’s too many of the things, while I do recognize my many friends who use them responsibly and wouldn’t want them to lose their guns for their hunting.

  • @wissoxfan83 you need to find a safer way to make a living…JMO

  • I get the “slippery slope” that if you increase gun controls or laws, some will say their “rights” are being infringed upon, and that we could lose those rights entirely if we take that thinking/concern to the ultimate end game. That’s not good, but how many years might it take to “ban” guns entirely, or keep them from law abiding citizens if we take it to its conclusion? Hopefully never, but I suspect many, many, many, many, many, etc.

    I also get the “slippery slope” that if you if you do nothing regarding the regulation of guns/weapons, you may get a “wild wild west” society if we take that thinking/concern to the ultimate end game. Is that good? And how many years might it take to have every citizen carry a gun whenever and wherever? I suspect tomorrow if we all submit to living in fear for our safety and self defense enough. What a life that would be. Huh?

    There are clearly no easy fixes to our societal problems, and the abuse guns in the wrong hands can cause. I’m not opposed to guns, but we do have a huge problem with them in society, as much as we have a necessity/desire for them. We all have the right to “bear arms,” but can we agree that there are some “arms” that should not be made available to the common citizen/public? Where do we draw the line for the types of guns/weapons we have the “right” to bear? Not everything is black or white, but lines should be drawn somewhere, huh?

    Background checks and gun registry for EVERY purchaser (in stores, at trade shows, and online,) seems reasonable to me.

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